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This page contains articles by following specifications

Accessories for Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches

Quarter turns

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-33Round rod0,1583 kg11X
1000-34Round rod0,1976 kg11X
1000-35Round rod0,2378 kg11X
1000-36Round rod0,2778 kg11X
1000-37Round rod0,3165 kg11X
1000-38Round rod0,358 kg11X
1000-39Round rod0,3962 kg11X
1000-114Round rod0,4367 kg11X1000-1141000-114
1000-115Round rod0,4758 kg11X1000-1151000-115
1000-211-LRound rod in variable lengths with eye and pointed end, m.s. zinc pl.1000-211-L1000-211-L
1000-U49Adapter0,02536 kg1900X1000-U491000-U49
1000-U141Adapter for round rods0,028 kg1500X1000-U1411000-U1411000-U1411000-U141
1000-U144-LRound rod in variable lengths, with eye m.s. zinc pl. with rollers polyamide black1000-U144-L1000-U144-L
1000-U538-LRound rod variable lengths with eye AISI 304, rollers polyamide black1000-U538-L1000-U538-L1000-U538-L1000-U538-L
1001-11Square rod0,29619 kg11X
1001-12Square rod0,34422 kg200200
1001-13Square rod0,39523 kg2001
1001-14Square rod0,44022 kg11X
1001-15Square rod0,4922 kg11X
1001-16Square rod0,5416 kg2001
1001-17Square rod0,58776 kg11X1001-171001-17
1019-U1Roller unit0,009 kg11X1019-U11019-U1
1049-19-LRound rod in variable lengths, Chamfered end m.s. zinc pl.1049-19-L1049-19-L
1049-U3Round rod 600 mm0,2382 kg11X1049-U31049-U3
1049-U4Round rod 700 mm0,27752 kg11X1049-U41049-U4
1049-U5Round rod 800 mm0,3167 kg11X1049-U51049-U5
1049-U6Round rod 900 mm0,35704 kg11X1049-U6
1049-U7Round rod 1000 mm0,39428 kg11X1049-U71049-U7
1049-U8Round rod 1100 mm0,435 kg11X1049-U81049-U8
1049-U9Round rod 1200 mm0,47419 kg11X1049-U91049-U9
1049-U12Round rod AISI 303 600 mm0,2402 kg11X1049-U121049-U121049-U121049-U12
1049-U13Round rod AISI 303 700 mm0,2797 kg11X1049-U131049-U131049-U131049-U13
1049-U14Round rod AISI 303 800 mm0,3192 kg11X1049-U141049-U141049-U141049-U14
1049-U15Round rod AISI 900 mm0,3587 kg11X1049-U151049-U151049-U15
1049-U16Round rod AISI 1000 mm0,3982 kg11X1049-U161049-U161049-U161049-U16
1049-U17Round rod AISI 1100 mm0,4377 kg11X1049-U171049-U171049-U171049-U17
1049-U18-LRound rod in variable lengths, m.s. zinc pl., with rollers polyamide black1049-U18-L1049-U18-L