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Program 1003


CAD Info

This page contains articles by following specifications

Gaskets, Edge protection profiles


Some products of this catalogue page have received certification marks by UL. More information regarding UL Certification
you can find here.
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1003-01Lip gasket0,148 kg5050X1003-011003-01
1003-02Lip gasket0,1182 kg5050X
1003-03Lip gasket0,1162 kg5050X1003-031003-03
1003-04Lip gasket0,1043 kg5050X1003-041003-04
1003-11-N4 lip gasket0,0621 kg5050X1003-11-N1003-11-N
1003-12-N4 lip gasket0,0702 kg5050X1003-12-N1003-12-N
1003-13-N4 lip gasket0,0801 kg5050X1003-13-N1003-13-N
1003-14-N4 lip gasket0,102 kg5050X1003-14-N1003-14-N
1003-15-N4 lip gasket0,0882 kg5050X1003-15-N1003-15-N
1003-24-N4 lip gasket0,0982 kg5050X1003-24-N1003-24-N