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matica, sigurnosna podloška

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Further information/CAD

This page contains articles by following specifications

Accessories for Control cabinets and Fixing material

Dodaci: savijene ručke, štitnici, vodilice vrata

Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1000-02-JB Nut 0,0074 kg 1 1 X 1000-02-JB 1000-02-JB
1000-02-PF Nut 0,0079 kg 1 1 X 1000-02-PF 1000-02-PF
1000-02-SI Nut 0,0017 kg 1 1 X 1000-02-SI 1000-02-SI 1000-02-SI 1000-02-SI
1000-111-JB Earthnut 0,0072 kg 1 1 X
1022-05-JB Nut 0,0027 kg 1 1 X 1022-05-JB 1022-05-JB
1022-11-01KA Flat seal 0,0022 kg 1 1 X
1022-11-JB Earthnut 0,0026 kg 1 1 X 1022-11-JB 1022-11-JB