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Our new products

Slide shoe for cam

EMKA's new slide shoe for all common steel and stainless steel cams protects the cabinet frame from damage caused by steel-to-stell contact of cam to frame.

Product description / product benefits

  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly on all common cams (steel / stainless steel)
  • The slide shoe prevents scratches on the cabinet, therefore no paint or material abrasion
  • Improved closing behavior and lower closing torque due to its good sliding characteristics


The slide shoe is easily attachable to all common steel and stainless steel cams. Please note: The shoe increases the height dimension (H) of the cam by 2 mm! By using a slide shoe the cabinet frame is not only protected against damages, also the closing torque is significantly reduced due to the avoidance of steel to steel contact– especially with stainless steel cabinets. The same result will be achieved by using the ramp 1000-U858 (Online catalogue page 1C-170).

Online catalogue page 1C-135

Slide shoe for cam
Slide shoe for cam
Quick assembly - simply clip-in
Quick assembly - simply clip-in

Clip-in quarter turn for quick assembly without tools

The quarter turn for quick assembly can be clipped in within a few seconds.

Product features at a glance:

  • Standard cut out 1000
  • Insert part: zamac
  • Three standard height dimensions (H) for Polyamide snap-in pins H=18, H=22 and H=24, each for four different door thickness ranges
  • Further versions of snap-in pins with regard to the height dimension on request
  • Cost saving by tool-less assembly within seconds
  • Groundprinciple of this patented solution:
    the higher the closing force, the greater the tightness
  • Snap-in pin with safety cap for better insolation of the insert
  • High IP-protection (IP 69K)
  • High safeguarding against overwinding
  • Patented

More information:
Online catalogue page 1B-170



New: Quarter turn for quick assembly
Quarter turn for quick assembly
with 80% less assembly time!
New: Quarter turn for quick assembly

New locking hinge by EMKA

EMKA solution for the HVAC sector

The new locking hinge by EMKA meets all the criteria for securing big air-conditioning units.  By using a height-adjustable hinge bracket, it also makes a precisely adjustable gasket compression possible.

EMKA has based the development of the new locking hinge for the HVAC sector not only on the national and international standards but especially on the RLT guideline 01 of the German AHU manufacturers' association (Herstellerverband Raumlufttechnische Geräte).

When opening the EMKA lock, decompression is effected in two steps: First the door is caught by an integrated, patented impact guard so that the pressure can escape from the vent ducts safely. Then the door is unlocked enabling access to the unit. The door can be closed in only one step, another distinctive feature for convenient handling by EMKA.

Producsheet: HVAC Compression Latch-Hinge

Catalogue page 10A-110:

Also as a short version! Swinghandle series 1325

Clear form language - ergonomic line. EMKA's 1325 has received the iF product design award. New: the shortest version of the swinghandle. Despite the compacter structure, it provides all the benefits of the long version.

  • Variable inserts (round/profile half cylinder, square, triangular, ...)
  • Robust due to glass fibre reinforced high-performance plastic
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Can be used right and left for within and outside the door gasketing
New: Also a short version! Swinghandle series 1325
Cut-out of the short version! Swinghandle series 1325

New wing knob compression latch

Compression latches are increasingly popular for specialist cabinets and enclosures of all types – whether for their anti-vibrational characteristics or for superior sealing, and this new IP65 wing knob format version offers even wider utility. The wing knob design makes it suitable for a welter of low access security, high sealing protection roles where ingress of dust and water is a problem, but where ready access is required for personnel, for example in high security areas.

Our 1000 wing knob compression latch with IP65 rating comes in 2 types, each with a full 6 mm pull-down. The basic form 1000-U882 is adjustable only by use of different cams – its’ companion 1000-U880 however provides extra depth adjustment with a threaded rod which considerably extends the reach to match extra deep doors or frames.

Please contact us here for details
Links: 1000-U8821000-U880

Programa 1022- Cierre de montaje rápido

El cierre de montaje rápido está diseñado para aplicaciones de alta resistencia y de alta densidad y por lo tanto, es ideal para tapas y cajas. La fuerza del cierre es la misma que la del programa 1000

Ventajas del producto

  • Ahorro de costes de montaje, apenas tarda en montarse un par de segundos y no hacen falta herramientas
  • Control visual y acústico en la posición de cierre
  • Fuerza de cierre de hasta 250N (igual que la del programa 1000)
  • Manejo suave (no hay ninguna tensión interna)
  • Protección IP (IP 69K)
  • Una vez Montada, permanece estanca
  • Alta seguridad en la apertura forzosa
  • Compresión de 4,0 mm (programa 1000 con 3,0 mm lengüeta estándar)
  • Menos propenso a ralladuras contra el canto de la puerta
  • 100% resistente a la corrosión (completamente hecha de PA6 GF30)


Nueva Clip-bisagra

EMKA ha desarrollado la nueva clip-bisagra, una bisagra ingeniosamente simple y barata y a la vez muy resistente. Se caracteriza por su alta capacidad a carga axial de 430 N y es a su vez, fácil de montar.

Consta de dos partes de plástico completamente idénticas y complementarias, conseguimos con un sólo clip, una bisagra de alta resistencia.

Al atornillar la bisagra, esta funciona como una bisagra clásica, que además es muy resistente

Descripción del producto:

  • Bisagra de plástico que consta de dos mitades idénticas
  • Montaje conectando las dos mitades con un "clip"
  • La fijación es proporcionada por dos pasadores de resorte
  • El efecto muelle se cancela si se fija en el Marco de la puerta
  • Adecuada para soportar cargas radiales y axiales
  • Agujero estándar del programa 1056
  • Completamente de PA6 GF30
  • Protegida por patente


New rod guide for round rods

With the program 1001 EMKA developed a new, efficient rod guide for round rods. The rod guide is designed for 8 mm round rods and can replace the known products 1001-U11 and –U12.

Moreover the installation time is reduced by more than half because of quick assembly. Only plug the rod guide onto the weld stud. Then raise it up. The rod guide perceptibly and audibly locks in place and can be tightened with only a few rotations. After that the rod guide is mounted.

In addition this rod guide is perfectly suitable for raw and powdered weld studs, with the result of a significant optimization of process and cost savings because the covering of the weld stud during powdering is omitted. Corrosion protection remains fully intact.

By simply connecting the rod guide there are two different heights for the common weld stud versions M6 x 16mm & M6 x 20 mm. Depending on the desired height, the lower part is rotated by 90°.

Product description

  • Intelligent plug-in mounting
  • Suitable for raw and powdered weld studs
  • Despite the ultra-smooth fast installation of this application the strength of the overall application is reduced in no way
  • Completely made of PA6 GF30
  • Patent protected

Product advantages

  • Cost saving by smooth, completely toolless mounting within a few seconds
  • Easy use also on powdered weld studs and corresponding cost reduction / process optimization for the customer as the covering of the weld studs can be omitted during the surface treatment and corrosion protection therefore remains fully intact
  • Simplified stock-keeping (1 product for 2 heights)
  • 100% corrosion resistant (completely made of PA6 GF30)

More information...

Rod guide clip-in type for flat rods 3x14

The rod guide also reaches high grip forces of more than 1.000 N on powder coated weld studs. The doors can be powder coated together with the weld studs completely without special protection of the pins. The rod guide is flexibly pretensioned. For dismantling, the strap is simply lifted out of the thread flanks – simple disassembly. A lug at the rod guide can be used for the fast mounting of the flat rod. The rod guide can be positioned specifically by a corresponding bore in the flat rod. Thanks to the constructive design of the rod guide the flat rods do not rattle. The flat rods do not fall out of the rod guide when slamming the doors with extended rods.

Read more…

Cerrojo de compresión programa 1000 "Double Red"

EMKA Double Red, el nuevo cierre con indicador doble de apertura ofrece doble seguridad y un manejo más cómodo al abrir y cerrar las puertas, gabinetes y cubiertas. La solución Double Red está especialmente adaptada para el sector de las caravanas, especialmente para sus portones. Gracias a su innovadora tecnología, el cierre también es adecuado para aplicaciones adicionales en los sectores de la industria y el transporte.

Descripción del producto:

  • Cierres actuales instalados en los portones totalmente compatibles con el "Double Red"
  • Dos indicadores claramente visibles de apertura
  • Bloqueo sólo en posición cerrada
  • A prueba de golpes y vibraciones según la norma DIN EN 61373
  • Compresión de 6 mm

Más información...

Relaunch of chest handle with round cylinder

Due to a strong customer demand EMKA has decided to relaunch the chest handle 1130-U7. Advantages of this product are the flat design and being both lockable and waterproof. The chest handle can be used for the locking of shutters in the most diverse areas (i.a. mechanical engineering, transport, cabinets, etc.).

Product description

  • Door thickness 1 – 5,5 mm
  • Flat design (5,5 mm)
  • Retractable handle is applicable left and righthand
  • Two bridge clamps, set at different levels
  • Applicable for large door thickness area
  • Large clamping area (1,5 bis 57 mm) is covered
  • Lockable by an integrated round cylinder
  • IP65


Compression latch with visual open status indication

Shock and vibration-proof according to DIN EN 61373

Even from a distance, the open status is visible by a surrounding red ring.
Available with dust cover, which can only be mounted if the latch is in locked status. 

Security. Visible.


Dust cap for high-speed trains

With the cap installed, protection class IP65 is achieved. Material selection meets the high requirements with regard to UV resistance and aging. The holding force was proofed by a wind tunnel testing at 450 km/h over 15 min each from 4 directions. A vibration and shock-test according to DIN EN 61373, category 1, class B (enhanced test conditions) completes the ambitious test procedure

The cap fulfils the highest requirements regarding the protection of the interior locking system. In conjunction with the compression latch with visual open status indication the cap will not lock while the compression latch is open and by this means the unsecured lock is visible at any time.

Nuevo: Programa 1000- Cuartos de vuelta higiénicos con compresión

Además del ya existente cuarto de vuelta higiénico 1000-U838, EMKA ahora ha incluído los cuartos de vuelta higiénicos con compresión 1000-U861 y 1000-U862 en su gama de productos. Al igual que en el caso de 1000-U838, los componentes de la 1000-U862 que están en la carcasa, cumplen con los requisitos de higiene y las especificaciones pertinentes de la BGN ( en alemán "Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe"- Mutua de accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales para el sector alimenticio y sector servicios). Por otra parte, el pestillo higiénico de compresión 1000-U861 cumple también con estas normas.

Ventajas del Producto

El cuarto de vuelta higiénico de compresión en acero inoxidable cumple con las normas pertinentes para estas zonas específicas como
DIN EN ISO 14159
, la norma DIN EN 1672-2, DIN 10516
y satisface, además, específicamente los siguientes requisitos:

  • Superficie fácil de limpiar
  • Radio máximo posible, evitando grietas, esquinas, rebajes y espacios huecos
  • Ajuste óptimo de la Junta (en el metal con la hoja de la puerta)
  • Cumple con el grado de protección IP 69K

Más información...

Programm 3500 BioLock swing handle

Biometrical access control system

Access control must not end at the entrace door to the data centre!

Biometrical access control, combined with the proven and tested electromechanical swing handles of EMKA, result in significantly increased security with regard to access control for racks in data centres.

Product advantages:

  • Indisputable Audit Trail
  • Authentication at cabinet level
  • Tamper proof event log
  • Remote monitoring via network
  • For new applications and retrofit
  • Quick installation in standard cutouts

Whether single server rack or complete data centre, simple, double or triple authentification or the four-eyes principle - this system stands for ultimate security to protect assets and data.

Program 1317 Swinghandles for Outdoor Applications

Exposure to the elements all year round, vibrations on the roadside or vandalism - outdoor switch cabinets are exposed to increased stresses. To protect theses boxes EMKA has developed the outdoor program 1317.

With its robust swinghandles EMKA provides a wide range of solutions: from the cost-efficient plastic variation up to the high-quality electromechanical lock of zinc die cast. The whole range was developed in the in-house technology centre. With regard to the design the focus was put on the special tightness and increased vandalism protection of the locks. The clearances between handle and dish have been made so small that no screwdriver fits in. In addition, the surfaces are as smooth as possible so that no dirt can accumulate or graffiti adhere to them.

Product description

  • Single cylinder and double cylinder swinghandles
  • 2 cut-outs (2 square 46 x 46 mm cut-outs at a distance of 105 or 130 mm).
  • All versions in zamac or glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • In addition to the mechanical version, electromechanical versions are also available for the single cylinder swinghandle
  • The standard surfaces are black powdered or agate grey (RAL 7038) with anti-graffiti coating
  • Versions for 40 mm and 45 mm profile half cylinders as well as Kaba cylinders are available
  • Regarding the electromechanical version, the profile cylinder can be replaced by a blind plug or be used for the mechanical override
  • The double cylinder swinghandle is opened by activating one of the two half cylinders (OR principle).

Product advantages

  • Thanks to their robust design, the swinghandles in the zinc-die version meet the requirements of “WK2” ("RC2, resistance class 2, protection against vandalism) according to DIN V ENV 1630
  • shock and vibration proof according to DIN EN 61373
  • protection class IP 65
  • Great flexibility regarding price-performance ratio due to the wide range of models available
  • tested and approved by Deutsche Telekom


Program 1185 swinghandle for cam or rod control

By this new swinghandle, the program 1185 is complemented through an elegant swinghandle with a flat design in a robust zinc die version. Thus, its use can be extended even to outdoor areas. Due to the use of a cam or a rod control, there are hardly set any limits to the fields of application. Range of application

  • Indoor and outdoor cabinets likewise

Product advantages

  • Favourable unlocking of the handle by an additional push button
  • Additional locking by padlock possible
  • Use of rod control or cam possible
  • Round cylinder for unlocking the push button to unblock the handle
  • Swinghandle has a sealing system for IP65
  • Protection against vandalism due to enclosed control elements


Program 1325 Swinghandle with variable locking system

The product program 1325 is the successor system to the tried and trusted programs 1125 und 1225.
The new swinghandle 1325 range will prove itself with its technology advances and superior design quality of EMKA as well as sophisticated ergonomics. All these advantages, combined with functional innovation, such as the locking system which can be exchanged quick and easily, have led to our success with “IF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2013”.

Product description

  • for the classic cut out 50-50-50 (inside and outside the gasketing)
  • bending area 45 x 25 mm
  • flat design (30 mm)
  • IP 65 (When mounting within the interior using a cap)
  • IP 40 (quick assembly by hook mounting)

Product advantages

  • variable locking systems
  • robust thanks to fibre reinforced high-performance plastics
  • smooth running with high operating convenience
  • constant pivoting radius, independant of the mounting type
  • optimised haptics
  • integrated scratch protection to avoid surface damage (handle / dish)
  • patented innovative design (award-winning)


180° hinge stainless steel

for Ts 1.5 or 2.0 mm

A lift-off hinge made of stainless steel precision casting with an opening angle of 180°. It is designed for an application with framework constructions for prominent doors with a bending of 20 mm. The hinge is available for door gauges (Ts) of 1.5 or 2.0 mm.
Program 1110




1317 Single cylinder-swinghandle

The new single cylinder swinghandle has successfully passed the WK2 DIN V ENV 1630 test (RC2, resistance class 2 tested). Versions for profile half cylinder (40 or 45 mm) as well as for KABA-cylinders are available. In the electromechanical version the locking cylinder is replaced by a blank plug. During the construction phase previously mentioned locking cylinders can be mounted in addition for mechanical override.

Advantages, customer benefits

  • The single cylinder-swinghandle was designed for outdoor use.
  • 40 mm and 45mm profile half cylinders as well as KABA-cylinders can be used.
  • The handle is sealable and can be used for door gauges from 2 to 12 mm. Swinghandles for other door gauges are available upon request.
  • The swinghandle is available with black powder coating surface finish or in grey (RAL 7038) with anti-graffiti coating.

Fields of application

This swinghandle is used for indoor and outdoor enclosures as well as for energy utilities substations.
Program 1317