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Programa 6000


Further information/CAD

Article information

This page contains articles by following specifications

Toggle latches and Hooks

Cierres de tracción

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
6010-16-JQCatch plate0,0799 kg5016010-16-JQ6010-16-JQ
6010-16-KACatch plate0,08278 kg501
6010-16-PCCatch plate0,07936 kg501
6010-17-JQCatch plate0,07867 kg5016010-17-JQ6010-17-JQ
6010-17-KACatch plate0,08005 kg501
6010-17-PCCatch plate0,08622 kg501
6010-958-JQCatch plate0,0341 kg501
6010-958-PCCatch plate0,03442 kg501