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Electronic locking solutions

Secure, flexible, intelligent

In times of advancing digitalisation, the collection, processing, analysis and transfer of data is constantly increasing. At the same time, cybercrime is booming and the number of hacker attacks and data thefts continues to rise.

In order to prevent these dangers and to optimally protect data, EMKA offers a comprehensive portfolio that meets the high requirements for security, control, convenience and integrability.

Agent E Wireless

  • Swinghandle with wireless communication
  • Unique authentification with RFID cards
  • Remote opening is always possible in addition
  • Complete and consistent event log
  • Suitable for mounting in cabinets of different manufactures
  • Most simple installation without cables
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofitting
  • Extremely energy-efficient battery operation (battery life min. 3 years)

Stand alone card reader Mifare

  • Card reader for Mifare RFID cards
  • Suitable for connection of eCam, single point latch and various handles
  • Capacity up to 2000 users
  • Two-color status LEDs
  • 2 factor authentication (card+pin)
  • Acoustic signals for valid / invalid card
  • Operating voltage 12 ... 24 VDC
  • Protection class IP 68

Outdoor application

  • Temperature resistance
  • Vandalism security with resistance class RC2 DIN EN 1630 or with special graffiti protection
  • Networked electronic solutions including remote monitoring and locking solutions possible
  • Half cylinder according to DIN EN 18252-BZ or DIN EN 1303 with attack resistance class 2 and drilling and pulling protection possible

    Low power variant of our RC2 outdoor swinghandle

    • Protection of passive enclosures (without own power supply)
    • Extremely low power consumption (150 mA, standby 0 mA)
    • Ideally suited for access control systems with battery operation or inductive power supply Integrated button to wake up the of the access control system
    • Signalling of the handle status (OPEN / CLOSED)
    • Resistance class RC2  
    • Optional locking cylinder for mechanical emergency opening

    Single point latch

    • Usable in various applications as a concealed lock
    • Available in 4 different versions:
    • Direct locking
    • Delayed locking
    • Open in case of power failure
    • Opening by control pulse
    • Wide supply voltage range (9 ... 32 V)
    • Potential-free switch for remote monitoring of status / door status
    • Emergency opening via bowden cable (optional)
    • Protection class up to IP 55
    • Variant with approval UL508 Ex (UL HazLoc) available


    • Universally usable electromechanical lock for all type of locks with cam
    • Easy installation in new and existing systems
    • Emergency opening via bowden cable (optional)
    • Locking / Unlocking via stand alone solution with keypad or RFID card reader
    • Integrable into access controls or machine controls
    • Certified as position switch according to EN ISO 14119 (machinery directive)
    • Performance level d according to EN 13849

    ePush Lock

    • Locking solution without visible components on the outside
    • Opening and closing by pressing the flap / door
    • No interruption of the outer sealing due to mounting on the inside
    • Integrated emergency opening on the locking element
    • Optional connection to the central locking system through integrated electronics
    • Usable as a building block for the alarm monitoring of the flap
    • Distance adapter & protective cover (optionally available)
    • Patented

    EMKA Control Cockpit

    • User administration
    • System administration
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Configurable screen views
    • Measured value storage
    • Logging and analysis
    • Remote access
    • Integration into external systems