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Food and medical technology

The entire system is housed in a cold storage room and provides customers with access to 160 compartments containing different types of fruit and vegetables.

Single-point latch system secures one of the largest food vending machines in the world

Fresh vegetables from the vending machine – and on a grand scale. This was the task facing the French system manufacturer BERTHOLON SA. From scratch, the family-owned company designed and built one of the biggest food vending machines in the world with 160 compartments. However, in order to guarantee the reliable opening and closing of these compartments…

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Newly designed switch handle with changeable components for MPGAMMA

The Italian control cabinet manufacturer MPGAMMA relies on a mixture of tradition and innovation to develop its products. Now, it was time to modernise the design of its portfolio significantly. The comprehensive project also includes developing a new locking system for control cabinets and housings. In addition, the compression latches used until now were…

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200,000 EMKA hinges secure hygienic protective walls for cash desks

Compliance with hygiene measures is a top priority in the Corona pandemic - especially in the retail sector, where flexible hygiene protective walls have been protecting customers and employees in the checkout area since the beginning of the pandemic. The manufacturer of checkout counters, ITAB Harr, has now retrofitted acrylic glass systems for hygiene…

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EMKA with new production site in India

EMKA has taken further steps in India: With an investment plan of about 10 million Euro EMKA built a new location in Bhilai. In the local industrial area, a modern production facility was built according to international standards on a total area of 15.000 m² - 6000 m² of which are already roofed production areas. By investing in state-of-the-art machinery…

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Hygiene program officially EHEDG-certified

The EMKA quarter-turn and compression latch combine functionality with attractive design. Their hygienic application in sensitive environments – in the production of food, for example – was recently confirmed with the EHEDG certificate. The entire hygiene range is thus officially at the cutting edge of research and technology.

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Seydelmann sets high hygiene standards with EMKA

Appearance and preference are crucial factors in the food industry. However, in order to produce the right product, state-of-the-art ­machinery and a sterile working environment are critical. And there is no reason why hygiene and modern design cannot go hand in hand, as EMKA and the renowned food machinery manufacturer Seydelmann from Aalen, Germany…

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EMKA - Blechexpo 2019

Blechexpo 2019: EMKA increases demands on its hygiene program

The new hygiene program and especially the optimized hygiene quarter turn will be in the focus of the EMKA’s appearance at Blechexpo 2019 from 5 to 8 November in Stuttgart. The closure experts have developed the quarter turn in particular for sensitive environments in the food and medical sectors numerous certifications are required, as there is a very high…

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EMKA opens WP Kemper the door for perfect bakery products

Whether a single kneading machine for the small bakery or a complete dough line for the large-scale operation: WP Kemper GmbH supplies installations for making and processing dough from one source that are tailor-made for their customers. After all, the customer requirements are as multifaceted as the range of a wellstocked bread roll counter. It is this…

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