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The new vibration-resistant quarter turns from EMKA

With the vibration-resistant quarter turn, EMKA is introducing a robust lock onto the market that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether in rail transport applications, machine building & plant engineering or in the design of industrial cabinets – the cost-effective, patented locking solution meets the most demanding specifications required by the ingress protection class IP69K and is characterised by a long service life. Users benefit from the lock’s simple operation.

Safety despite vibration

Electronic equipment needs protection based on where it is used and installed.

Therefore, the housing, and thus the locking mechanism in particular, are of special importance. Almost all machines, systems, and vehicles are subject to perpetual vibrations and oscillations.

This puts high demands on housing and locking mechanisms. EMKA’s vibration-resistant quarter turn provides maximum protection for these demanding applications, securing doors and flaps throughout its service life at the same time.

Cost-effective and easy to operate

The unique design of the quarter turn’s housing and additional elements provide maximum protection and prevent the housing from coming apart. Because of the permanent internal spring-loaded interlocking mechanism – in combination with two positive end positions – the lock noticeably engages in the final locking positions. This “engagement” can also be heard acoustically. At the same time, the operation is extremely simple. A 90° turn causes the latch inside the cabinet to engage behind the door frame, thus locking the door or flap. The vibration-resistant quarter turn provides similar protection as the classic safety quarter turn but is easier to use. Because the locking mechanism is less complex, the new locking solution is also the more cost-effective variant.

Tested, inspected, and patented

EMKA has patented the vibration-resistant quarter turn and subjected it to a broad range of tests. Users benefit from an unremitting locking performance over the lock’s entire service life. All requirements for vibration and shock resistance according to DIN EN 61373 are reliably fulfilled.

In addition, the new locking solution meets the requirements of the highest ingress protection class IP69K, making it ideal for use in robust and mobile outdoor applications, for example in the railway sector, as well as in road vehicles or agricultural machinery. Internal electronic components are safely protected from dust and water during high-pressure and steam jet cleaning.

The vibration-resistant quarter turn lock is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process and is available in two surface finishes and several actuation variants.