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Target jumping, unerring on roller skates, and animal-loving on wheels

An airy event with sporting superlatives: at the German Championships in Accuracy Landing, the EMKA helicopter completed a total of 64,000 metres of altitude difference in three days. An awe-inspiring number, which was only exceeded by the top performances of the participating jumpers. The roller hockey players from RSC Cronenberg (Wuppertal, Germany) and the triathlete Sabine Lischka also showed their best side recently. The Animal Rescue team from Bosnia will be using a new, state-of-the-art van for dogs to ensure the safe transport of their four-legged friends.

News from the world of Sponsoring

Once again, spectators had to marvel the elite of the national skydivers at the annual German Cup. The FSC Remscheid around President Mathies had brought the EMKA sponsored event including the German Target Jump Championships to Bodenfelde this year. After the actual venue, Uslar had to cancel due to the Corona pandemic. With an appropriate hygiene concept and under a blue sky, a team of 45 jumpers faced the task of hitting the 15-centimetre diameter target’s centre or as close as possible after the jump from a height of 1,000 metres. The Airbus H 125 with the EMKA logo also literally reached high altitudes: The helicopter covered a total of 64,000 metres in the course of the event.

On roller skates to the start of the season

EMKA’s athletes are not only in the air but also on wheels: in roller hockey, five players per team try to place a small cork-filled ball in the opponent’s goal. The Lions of RSC Cronenberg started the new Bundesliga season last month – here, too, with a strict corona hygiene concept. The RSC has been practising roller sports since the 1930s; in recent years the club – also known as the “Bayern München of roller hockey” – has become Wuppertal’s sporting figurehead. Since the construction of the club’s hall in the 1990s, 24 championships and cup wins in the men’s singles, and 18 championships and cup wins in the women’s singles have been among the RSC’s great successes
– including numerous titles in the youth sector.

For a good cause

Not only the athletes are sponsored here: On World Children’s Day, the two triathletes Janik Broszeit and Sabine Lischka competed for a good cause – for a charity triathlon in their garden. The backdrop was the pool, terrace and neighbourhood, through which a 500-metre long circuit had to be completed. Janik Broszeit participated in the relay race due to a torn meniscus and completed the targeted middle distance – consisting of 1.9 kilometres of swimming, 90 kilometres of cycling and 21.1 kilometres of running – in less than five hours. Meanwhile, Sabine Lischka completed a sprint distance of 500 metres swimming, 20 kilometres cycling and five kilometres running. The result: the team collected 1,670 euros for the Kinderlachen e. V. Association.


Animal love on the road

Since 2019 the project Animal Rescue Bosnia, founded by EMKA, has been taking care of the rescue and placement of abandoned dogs and puppies near the EMKA facilities in Gorazde. After their stay in a modern dog rescue centre, including a veterinary clinic, the former street dogs are given a new home. A further challenge is the transfer of the animals to Germany and all over Europe. Now there is a new vehicle in which the animal passengers can feel at their best. For this purpose, the EMKA carpenter has installed wooden dog boxes. Also, on the journey from Bosnia to Germany, there will be regular breaks, including exercise. For many dogs it is the first trip on wheels: Therefore, not only a fast vehicle was chosen to keep the time on the road as short as possible, but also to make the trips as comfortable as possible without unnecessary braking and rocking.