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EMKA presents smartphone-based access control

World market leader for locking systems and one of Europe's largest mould makers: In 2020 EMKA serves several facets for interested parties from the switch cabinet construction, electronics and mechanical engineering industries. But EMKA has also upgraded in the Internet of Things area. For example, EMKA will be presenting a smartphone-based access management for control cabinets and multifunctional cabinets as one of the new system solutions.


This year EMKA will present new and further developments of its proven swivel handles, quarter turns, compression latches, and electro-mechanical locks as well as moulds, and product samples from the mould construction/cast portfolio. The EMKA Electronics division will also present a new innovation: a locking solution for passive outdoor control cabinets or telecommunication housings also referred to as multifunctional housing. Due to the amount of data and the relatively simple possibility of tapping the contained connections, these control cabinets, often located at the roadside, are attractive for saboteurs and hackers. Deliberate destruction through vandalism is also commonplace. Therefore, it is all the more important to secure the technology contained in the switch cabinet with professional locking solutions, and for their physical protection, it literally depends on the right locking technology from EMKA. Usually this is a swivel handle. In order to ensure controlled access for authorized persons, EMKA has now developed a solution in which the power supply is on-demand using an inductive power supply and the release is done via smartphone app (Bluetooth based). Administration and monitoring are done remotely using management software. It is also feasible to define individual access authorizations via this software. The communication is based on Bluetooth ® Low Energy (BLE). The control centre thus recognises at what time someone tried to open the cabinet or housing. Several thousand locking systems can be managed in the remote-control system in this way.

Dr. Ralph Kloth, Head of Strategic Sales and Marketing at EMKA, explains: "The physical security of telecommunication housings stands and falls with the locking technology. The swivel handle, app and management system work together so that the user can identify himself beyond doubt. As part of the whole, our solution is a very decisive one".