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Smart remote access

Our outdoor swinghandle for the iLOQ S50 profile half cylinders expands our portfolio using an energy-autonomous, digital locking solution. The system can be unlocked using a smartphone or digital key and, at the same time, it is supplied with energy.

With iLOQ cylinder, the swinghandle 1317 from EMKA turns into a multitalent

For this smart combination, we have linked a mechanical handle from the 1317 range with the electronic profile half cylinder made by the Finnish company iLOQ.

Instead of using a physical key, our users open the lock with a near-field communication (NFC) enabled Android/iOS smartphone with an app or use a digital key (iLOQ K55S Fob).

An administrator controls the required access data via a cloud-based SaaS platform. This allows access to be controlled or documented remotely.

The new closure solution works without a battery or other stationary power supply. This makes the lock particularly interesting for the telecommunications industry, as outdoor housings or telecommunications cabinets are also frequently found in remote locations.

In this case, the system receives the energy required for unlocking via NFC from the Android/iOS smartphone.

The hybrid solution made of polyamide (handle) and die-cast zinc (recess) meets all relevant security standards. A circumferential support ring protects the rotary knob antenna.

An integrated scratch guard prevents surface damage between the two components. Based on DIN EN 50102, the IK 10 protection rating ensures the stability of this hybrid solution. Furthermore, the handle, of course, meets the IP65 requirement.