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ROWEKO and EMKA – 30 years of partnership

The partnership between ROWEKO and EMKA has existed for over 30 years and is more successful today than ever before. Today, the entire ROWEKO product range includes solutions developed by the closure expert from Velbert, Germany. What is the secret behind the longstanding cooperation? The answer: consistently high quality of the components and the welldeserved trust in EMKA’s ability to deliver. For example, ROWEKO products – which feature EMKA locking solutions – epresent approximately 60 per cent of the company’s annual gross revenue.

Top quality and reliable delivery as a guarantee for success

Since 1984, ROWEKO has been producing plastic products “Made in Germany” for a wide range of industries. In the commercial vehicle sector, the familyowned company from Lau en am Neckar, Germany, is one of the leading national and international suppliers of quality products. ROWEKO does not rely on injection moulding machines, but uses the thermoforming process in combination with subsequent CNC milling.

The portfolio is supplemented by many other manufacturing options, such as bending, welding, and gluing, for the production of complete assemblies. Besides the company’s own range of products for commercial vehicles, the company also manufactures technical plastic parts according to drawings or samples provided by its customers from a wide range of industries. In doing so, ROWEKO accompanies the product from the idea to production – regardless of whether it is a small or large series.

Securely closing sturdy plastic containers

In the  eld of silo and tank vehicles, hose pipe container and storage boxes, among other things, form a large part of ROWEKO‘s portfolio. These containers and boxes are mounted on the outside or underneath the vehicles to safely store hoses or other equipment. The containers are made of high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is extremely durable and makes the containers very robust. This enables ROWEKO to guarantee comprehensive protection of the contents against external in uences.

Besides the compact cover, however, a correspondingly stable locking solution is also required to protect the equipment from unauthorised access. Since the plastics specialist does not manufacture these locking mechanisms, it had to look for an external supplier at an early stage. For many years, ROWEKO has therefore relied on locking solutions made by EMKA.

The cooperation between the two family-owned companies has a long tradition. For over 30 years, and thus for a large part of the company’s history, ROWEKO has sourced its closures from the world market leader from Velbert, Germany. Above all, both companies share a long history and a high-quality portfolio, focusing on meeting customer needs and delivering promptly.

EMKA’s competence is compelling

ROWEKO has been using EMKA products for several decades now. The  rst contact came about at an exhibition, recalls Alexander Selle, Managing Director at ROWEKO: “At an inhouse presentation of one of our customers, we – at that time still under the management of my father – exhibited our storage boxes with the old locking system. A former EMKA representative recognised the optimisation potential”.

After several meetings, a cooperation was established that still exists today. The decisive factor was, above all, the existing know-how. Closure technology is traditionally EMKA’s most important business  eld. Therefore, the world market leader from Velbert was able to convince us, above all, with the experience of its designers and developers. Another advantage is that EMKA o ers complete locking systems, so handles, hinges, and quarter turns are exactly matched to each other. This speeds up coordination processes and ensures that all ROWEKO containers can be opened and closed with the same quality.

EMKA solutions throughout the entire product portfolio

A wide range of EMKA products is used at ROWEKO: besides quarter turns, the scope of delivery also includes cylinder locks and wing knob quarter turns, as well as keys, roller bars, and latches. However, the most frequently used locking solution is a safety quarter turn from the very extensive EMKA standard product range. The design of the safety quarter turn prevents it from coming apart automatically and thus meets the highest requirements for vibration and shock resistance.

This is a particularly important aspect for commercial vehicles that frequently drive over uneven ground on construction sites or  elds. Because of its sealing feature, the safety quarter turn is also particularly suitable for installation inside the seal. The sealing system is mainly used for the storage boxes and the lids of the hose pipe containers. Apart from these containers, there are other products in the ROWEKO portfolio that need a locking solution to prevent theft such as stowage containers on motor vehicles and  atbed boxes on lorries or document rolls which may contain delivery notes or safety instructions.

Here, further solutions from EMKA are used, such as chest handles. Like EMKA, ROWEKO also attaches particular importance to the ability of its suppliers to deliver. The company wants to access the required components from the agreed framework contract at any time without having to store them on-site. To meet this requirement, a customer warehouse for call-o orders or prefabricated parts is a component of EMKA’s standard o ering. This ensures the fastest possible delivery times by ROWEKO. In addition, EMKA is constantly developing its portfolio, which also gives ROWEKO the opportunity to optimise its own products.

The ability to deliver determines the annual turnover

After years of cooperation, EMKA has earned the distinction of being the most reliable partner. Christian Herzig, Group Sales Manager at EMKA, knows that this status has been achieved primarily through the quality of the company’s portfolio as well as the reliability and punctuality of the contact persons.

“At the beginning, we were able to convince ROWEKO with the technical maturity and quality of our components”, Herzig summarises. “But they have remained our customer for so long, mainly because of the high availability of our components and the reliable ability to deliver”.

After more than 30 years of cooperation, the use of EMKA locking solutions in the ROWEKO portfolio has increased signi cantly. “We generate approximately 60 per cent of our annual turnover with products that contain an EMKA locking solution,” Selle summarises.

“Without EMKA’s reliable delivery capability, production would come to a grinding halt at our company”. ROWEKO also owes its current national and international position to EMKA’s products. In the future, the family-owned company plans to further expand its technical lead and consolidate its market position by working with EMKA.