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Pure athleticism - sponsored by EMKA

This year, EMKA continues to support multiple clubs and charities, particularly those related to sports and social issues. Besides the German Skydiving Championship and Animal Rescue Bosnia, an animal shelter in Bosnia, EMKA continues to support regional football. So we are looking forward to a sporty successful season with the Wuppertaler Sportverein (WSV).

A sporty successful season with the WSV (Wuppertaler Sportverein)

The WSV has set its sights high for this season: After a furious start to the season with five wins in a row, the team has once again established itself in the top group of the Regionalliga West and is now fighting for the long-awaited promotion to the 3rd football league. The basis for the recent successes is the strengthening of the squad before the season. The club from the Bergisch metropolis signed more than ten new players for its first team.

The WSV is supported in its ambitious goals by the main shirt sponsor EMKA. Managing partner Friedhelm Runge has been closely associated with his home club for decades and actively supports it. EMKA wishes WSV continued success in the current season and keeps its fingers crossed for promotion to the 3rd football league.

Animal Rescue Bosnia: EMKA expands animal shelter by 50 percent

During EMKA‘s International Sales Meeting 2023 in Goražde, the participants also took a look at Animal Rescue Bosnia, the shelter for street dogs, which patron and shareholder Marita Runge had built together with EMKA in 2019. Numerous volunteers as well as professional animal keepers and veterinarians take care of the capture, care and castration or sterilisation and marking of the dogs here.

A total of 250 dogs are currently receiving medical care and are being cared for on the green outskirts of Goražde. By adding an adjacent plateau, the area of the animal shelter is expanded from 6,000 to 9,000 m². This means that, in addition to comfortable accommodation and a veterinary clinic, the animals now have even more roaming space at their disposal. We have already helped 700 dogs to find a new home.

FSC Remscheid wins the champion-ship title in the canopy formation

This year, the RSC Remscheid had the honourable task of hosting the German Championships in parachute formation skydiving. From 18 to 20 August, the international showdown took place in the lofty heights above Remscheid-Hackenbach. One sporting highlight followed the next. In the end, the FSC Remscheid was able to claim the German Championship title in the canopy formation among the 82 participants. Tom Brand and Björn Schubnell emerged victorious from the competition.

As a long-standing sponsor, EMKA congratulates the two winners and the club on this great success.  In addition, the FSC also hosted the German Style and Finish Championship in Plate/Schwerin, Germany, in September 2023. From 6 to 10 September, sky divers from all over Germany were able to demonstrate their skills.