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Plummenting at full speed towards earth: Records are being broken at the RSC Remscheid

EMKA continues to support sport events and social projects. There are new records to be set “in free fall”. Things were hot at lofty heights: the skydivers of the FSC Remscheid were at the starting lineup of the German and Swiss Championships, and the FSC Remscheid was more than successfully. Right at the front: the “Deutschland 8er” and Lucia Lippold. The animal welfare showcase project Animal Rescue Bosnia is also developing splendidly. To offer street dogs in Bosnia a new home, EMKA now offers sponsorship packages for private individuals and companies.


EMKA congratulates the “Deutschland 8er” on winning the German Championship in formation skydiving. The FSC Remscheid, which EMKA has supported for years, played a major role in this success, with three jumpers provided. After jumping from an altitude of 4,000 metres, the skydivers had 50 seconds to complete an average of up to 22 prescribed formations. A ninth skydiver took the video recordings, which subsequently were used to evaluate the formations –  the more formations, the higher the score. Usually, spectators are denied a glimpse of the aerial images. In this case, however, the unique view (see photo on page 9) can be enjoyed. After the long COVID-19 break last year, this success is a balm for the athletes’ souls.

Furthermore, the team has qualified for the 2022 World Championships in Eloy, Arizona, USA, with this victory. A chance to prove to the entire world what our skydivers have to offer. EMKA wishes the “Deutschland 8er” every success in this challenge in the USA.

Speed sky dive: Lucia Lippold cracks German record


The FSC Remscheid had another success to celebrate. Lucia Lippold set a new German record in speed skydiving at the end of August at the Swiss Championships in Triengen. The skydiver from Remscheid shot through the air at a speed of 430 kilometres per hour. The reigning European champion thus set a German record for women for the second time. Even at the German Championships from September 7 to 12 in Saarlouis, no one could break this record. EMKA congratulates Lucia on her success and looks forward to her next record-breaking performance. She is also part of the A-squad of the German Skydiving Federation and will compete at the World Championships in North America next year.

Fire brigade secures target jumping


The men and women of the Bodenfelde fire brigade are of course familiar with “heavy equipment”; after all, the fire brigade from Lower Saxony itself has several fire engines in its halls weighing several tonnes. But the EMKA helicopter, as used in previous years for the German Parachute Target Jumping Championships, was a unique feature. After successfully providing fire safety surveillance services at the German Championships, the volunteers were happy to be photographed in front of the impressive aircraft. We want to thank the Bodenfelde fire brigade for their voluntary work.

Animal Rescue Bosnia: Actively Supporting Dog Rescue


Started as a project to rescue street dogs in Goražde, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Animal Rescue Bosnia, with the support of EMKA, has developed into the most modern animal welfare facility in the country, including its own veterinary clinic. We have already reported several times in our past issues. Now you, too, can help support the helpless animals. The project is now offering donation packages for private individuals and companies. You can donate between 15 and 199 Euros per month for the dogs. A form is available on our website. The money is used to finance healthy food, snacks and toys as well as medical care. Companies can place their logo on the sponsor boards of the EMKA dog day-care centre in Velbert and the ARB dog home in Bosnia in return for the donation. More detailed information on how you can support us can be found at