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Outdoor swinghandle for iLOQ S50 profile half cylinder

We have increased our range of products to include the outdoor swinghandle for Iloq S50 profile half cylinders, an energy-autonomous, digital locking solution.

Using a mobile phone to unlock control cabinets

The handle from the 1317 range has been adapted specially to the cylinder from iLOQ, a manufacturer from Finland. An Android/iOS smartphone with Near-Field Communication (NFC) capability may be used in lieu of a physical key to open the lock, either through an application or a digital key (iLOQ K55S Fob). Access is only granted to those who have been authorised by an administrator.

The corresponding data for all keys, locking cylinders and access rights are stored in combination on a cloud-based SaaS platform. The administrator can grant or revoke these access rights in real-time. This functional principle also optimises key management and greatly increases the security of the entire system. The process of unlocking requires energy supplied by an NFC from the Android/iOS smartphone, as the handles do not necessitate a constant power supply or battery. This makes the lock particularly interesting for use in the telecommunications industry, especially in remote locations. In order to ensure the necessary security there as well, both the pull and the handle of the energy-autonomous locking solution are made of die-cast zinc. Consequently, the system includes IK 10 degree of protection in compliance with DIN EN 50102 and burglar resistance class RC2.