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New multi-point locking system made entirely of plastic

Another optimised solution from the EMKA portfolio is our multi-point locking system made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Using a newly developed adapter, all locks with flat rod receptacles, e.g., swinghandles and key escutcheons with rod control and lever handles, can now be connected to the new plastic system. In addition, the solution can now be used both inside and outside the seal. The plastic connecting rods are simply clipped onto the locking element and fixed to the inside of the door using special rod guides. A shoe at each end of the rod completes the three-point locking system.

Multi-point locking system

EMKA is able to maintain a balance between strength, ease of use and cost-effectiveness with the switch to plastic material.

Moreover, our plastic locking components are well known for their excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Compared to steel rod systems, the lightweight locking system has a 20% higher strength and is 30% less expensive.

The carbon dioxide balance in the raw material‘s manufacturing and in the final product‘s subsequent processing is a significant benefit compared to the steel variation.

But the multi-point locking system made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic also provides great added value in the application – the almost noiseless opening and closing.