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„Mould + Series“: EMKA offers unique package with expansion stages

When thinking of EMKA’s product range, most people first think of quarter turns and hinges, but not necessarily housing covers for e-bikes, bindings for cross-country skis or shock absorbers for automobiles. This is because EMKA is a manufacturer and solution provider of hardware parts and closure systems and one of the largest mould makers in Europe. To be more precise, it is the only mould maker that can provide everything from the prototype to series production and worldwide logistics from a single source.

Mould Making with initial sample creation and optional series production

Since purchasing the Bekto mould making factory in Goražde/Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2019, EMKA has been one of the top 3 mould makers in Europe. This is underlined not least by the following facts: 55,000 m2 of space, 150 employees and more than 900 moulds per year come together in EMKA’s “Mould + Series” division. Design engineers with extensive experience and know-how in CNC programming develop the appropriate moulds for four manufacturing processes on behalf of the customer: Plastic injection moulding, zinc die casting, aluminium die casting, and stamping/bending technology. In addition, EMKA can manufacture moulds and prototypes for the processes mentioned above and produce pilot series and large series on a contract basis, right up to complex assemblies. It is not without reason that renowned industry giants such as Hella, Ferrari, Audi, ­Porsche, and Fischer Sports (skiing) are among our customers.

Unique package: mould with the initial sample

At EMKA, the complete service is provided inhouse, from a single source and based on a continuous production process. The combination of mould making and initial sample production is unique. As a rule, this process starts with a shop drawing for the mould based on the customer’s layout drawing. These processes are used as the basis for tool and mould-making – directly on-site using one or more of the approximately 100 state-of-the-art factory machines.

The production of initial samples follows this process, also at the same location, e.g., on machines for zinc and plastic production. After the mandatory test and measurement reports – implemented by the EMKA quality assurance department – the customer’s tool and initial sample approval follows. The customer receives complete documentation on the entire manufacturing process and all production parameters.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this process: mould and initial sample are produced in the same production environment. The mould making and initial sample production stages are therefore directly linked to each other. With its many years of experience, EMKA ensures that mould and machine form a perfect interaction and that all parameters are synchronised. Time losses through correction and transport loops between mould maker and production site are thus avoided.

If additional steps are required for the finishing process – for example, stamping, bending, powder coating, electroplating, and so on – these systems are also handled in-house. Again, a permanent contact person is appointed to keep the customer informed at all times during these processes. This way, EMKA guarantees quality down to the smallest detail.

Optional series production

EMKA thus offers two packages that can be combined if required: Firstly, mould making with initial sampling, and secondly, series production with worldwide logistics. Already with the package “mould with an initial sample”, processes were synchronised without interruption. The elimination of part transfers between different locations and companies results in fast turnaround times.

If the customer does not want to produce his parts himself – according to the initial sample – but wants to have them produced in series externally, this is also possible at EMKA. The series parts are then produced on the same machine as the sample after the customer has approved the initial sample. Continuous quality inspections are standard.


The service package can be supplemented through product certification in the accredited EMKA test laboratory in Wuppertal, Germany. Besides the quality management system requirements, the factory’s test laboratory also fulfils the highest technical demands. The testing laboratory employees have the professional expertise to carry out independent tests according to the current standard.

The accreditation is also internationally recognised due to the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS), the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany in affiliation with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). Together with the customer, the relevant product features are defined, tested and certified.


EMKA is active in 55 countries, many of which have their own subsidiaries with their own warehouses. In this respect, worldwide logistics is part of our daily business. When the customer wants to have his products delivered must be decided in consultation with his EMKA customer advisor.