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Long-standing partnerships and new sporting challenges

Cronenberger SC and Wuppertaler SV, two football clubs that have received long-standing support from EMKA, recently competed against each other in the final match of the Wuppertal City Championship. In the end, which team emerged as the victor and claimed the title of the best team in the city? At the same time, EMKA demonstrates its commitment to supporting sports clubs by offering assistance not only in its local community but also on an international level. The handball club MRK Gorazde from Bosnia and Herzegovina recently thanked the home club for its support in front of a sell-out crowd.

EMKA Sponsoring

EMKA has been a passionate general sponsor of the MRK Gorazde handball club for two years. The club can not only look back on a long tradition but is also proud of its players, who are among the finest in Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s top league. As a socially responsible company, EMKA supports the team from Gorazde and is therefore also committed to developing the city in which EMKA Bosnia is based. For this reason, the club management organised a small celebration for Friedhelm Runge, Managing Partner of EMKA, at the most important home match of the season. Mr Runge‘s unwavering support of the club was acknowledged by a thunderous applause and the presentation of a framed team jersey, signed by all players. EMKA is committed to providing ongoing support to the club and is looking forward to many more years of sporting achievements.

Champions of Wuppertal: WSV leaves the pitch as winners

Just in time for the beginning of 2024, the tenth Wuppertal Indoor Football City Championships were held. A notable tournament took place, wherein the title of City Champion 2024 was fiercely contested by the top eight ranked teams in the region and an additional eight qualifying teams. The tournament began with a wide-open field: the first five group matches resulted in a draw until the defending champions, Wuppertaler SV, dominated the district league team Viktoria Rott with an impressive win of 7:0. In their first match, Cronenberger SC, a team from the state league, emerged victorious with a 3:1 win over FK Jugoslavija. Both teams were also able to beat their opponents in the quarter-finals, with WSV again sending a clear signal to the competition winning again 7:0.

While CSC reached the semi-finals with a 3:1 win against SSV Germania Wuppertal, WSV secured their place in the final with a two-goal lead against TSV 05 Ronsdorf, the winner of the 33rd Tournament of Südhöhen. In the presence of EMKA owner Friedhelm Runge, the two finalists, whom EMKA has supported for many years, then battled it out for the title of city champions. Although Cronenberg initially took the lead, they were outclassed by the regional league team from Wuppertal. Three goals from WSV could no longer be countered. In the end, the boys from Wuppertaler SV left the pitch as the winners and, thus, also as the 2024 indoor champions. EMKA congratulates both teams on this great tournament and wishes them all the best for the second half of the season.