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Complete multi-point locking made of high-quality plastic

With the complete multi-point locking systems made of high-quality plastic, we are launching an innovation for our customers in the field of multi-point locking systems for enclosures.

Multi-point locking system

What is exciting, however, is the system’s flexibility: Due to a specially developed adapter, proven EMKA standard latches can also be combined with the system. This adapter allows the multi-point locking system to be used inside and outside the seal.

Based on this development, we have thus added important components for more flexible use to its previously proven plastic connection rod system. When using a rod control, the plastic rods can also be clipped to all EMKA escutcheons and swinghandles without tools using an adapter. The use of engineering plastic makes the system corrosion-resistant, non-electrically conductive, lightweight, and cost-effective.

At least two catches are usually required on the door frame to install the locks. Since the system can be used on doors from 800 to 2,200 mm in height, it requires more or fewer catches, depending on the size of the cabinet. When considering the door height and the resistance of the door seal, a maximum of 16 locking points can be set at 75 mm intervals.

The locking component’s general design enables the symmetrical arrangement of these locking points on the cabinet, meaning, the door can be changed without any difficulties. A three-point locking system is used in a locking solution inside the seal. This solution comprises a rod control with a cam in combination with a escutcheon or a swinghandle, as well as a shoe at each end of the rod and a locking plate on the cabinet’s inner frame.

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