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Intelligent Rack Monitoring with Environmental Control

Our “everything but the enclosure” approach has led us to further develop the Electronic Locking and Monitoring Program with the introduction of this new RMS490 Rack Management System in a standard 1U 19” format – this is designed to fulfil all the needs of power and environmental management in high density cabinets such as server centres.

The RMS 490 features 8 inputs for electromechanical locking systems and door contacts. Opening a lock is via keypad and pin code, transponder cards, mobile phones and of course via network and SNMP commands. In addition up to 4 sensors can be connected to monitor ambient conditions like temperature, humidity, acceleration (vandalism) and issue alarms via 4 relay contacts. 2 continuous control outputs are also available for temperature regulation. Different strategies control the speed of the fans and the capacity of the cooling unit while status inputs monitor the fans for correct operation and indicate non-working units.

The RMS 490 brings together all the features of rack power and management with a tamper proof event log which saves all events that occur in the cabinet and an integrated two-line display that can be customised to show desired parameters. Integration with intelligent PDUs enabling current measurement for socket and single shutdown is all that is needed to complete the whole system.

Contact us for more on the RMS 490 and associated installation possibilities.