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Hugely successful

The EMKA company football team enjoys a successful tournament day at the City of Velbert‘s Betriebscup 2023 (Company Cup). The company‘s dog daycare centre is well received by the employees and the furry friends in their charge. And the Remscheid Parachute Club breaks new records.


EMKA Sponsoring

This year, Velbert organised the popular Company Cup again after a long absence due to the pandemic. In collaboration with SV Union Velbert, the football tournament was held for the fourth time. This year, a total of 22 teams from Velbert companies took part in the small-size tournament at the Waldschlößchen sports facility. In the end, the Grimmert GmbH team won the final against Gündüz GmbH with a score of 2:0. EMKA made its debut this year. For the first time, its company team took part in the tournament.

After three wins in a row, Team EMKA qualified for the next round placing first in its group. However, in the subsequent match against the eventual tournament winner, the Grimmert company, the EMKA team was unfortunately eliminated. However, this did not spoil the fun of the day. The players accepted it sportingly. They are looking forward to taking part again next year and giving their best.


EMKAs HuTa in Velbert

HuTa, what’s that? This is the German abbreviation for “Hundetagesstätte”, our new dog daycare centre in Velbert, Germany. On site, two dog trainers take care of up to twelve dogs that are given to them by the dogs’ owners while they are at work. This way, the owners know that their four-legged family members are in good hands while they go about their work. The animals have one thing in common: they all come from the Bosnian animal shelter. EMKA has been supporting the shelter wholeheartedly for several years under the patronage of EMKA shareholder Marita Runge.

The new offer is primarily aimed at the owners of the rescued dogs. The reason for this is quite simple: although the four-legged friends are well-behaved, they show special behaviour in certain situations because of their previous history. “Within a group of dogs, this is not an issue, but with dogs from different backgrounds, the interaction can be challenging”, explains Marita Runge. However, other pet owners on staff are not left in the lurch if the need arises.

Record skydives into the desert

Record attempt successful! 125 skydivers from different nations met in the USA in May with a very special goal. From a height of 5,000 metres, the aerial acrobats jumped from six large aircraft over the Arizona desert and finally formed a very special record formation. Among the athletes were seven jumpers from the Remscheid Skydiving Club (FSC), which EMKA has enthusiastically supported for many years.

The FSC Remscheid uses this momentum and the joy of the successful record attempt in order to prepare for two more highlights this summer. Already in August, the FSC Remscheid will host the German Championships. In September 2023, the club will host the German Style and Accuracy Championships in the towns of Plate and Schwerin, Germany.