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"Great things are blue"

.…was the slogan of the EMKA booth at the HMI 2010. EMKA showed innovations as well as standard products from the following fields: Electro technology plant construction, machine construction, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, automotive/commercial vehicles and building fittings, all covering approximately 300 m². Our highlights:

New handle program 2500

Our innovative serial of swing handles is available in different colours and designs. The additional value consists of:

  • one system worldwide with many key cylinder applicable like ASSA, KABA,...
  • applicable inside and outside the gasketing
  • left or right to use, self-explanatory and
  • shapeable in colour and design.

Agent E

Agent E is a battery-operated, electromechanical, wireless stand-alone locking system. Three versions of locking systems offer the possibility to upgrade the cabinet (from the easy opening with protocol function to the radio-controlled locking system) according to the requirement and without a change of hardware.

Swinghandle 1154 (WK2)

is a vandalism-resistant swing handle (WK2) with an electromagnetic release for the outdoor area.

Swinghandle 1154 (WK2)