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For more safety and durability: Locking device with patented opening indicator

The EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG extends its product range by a compression latch with lid. This latch, among other things, was designed for use in the railway sector. The special feature of this product innovation: if the lock is open, the lid remains on top. A red area on the inside of the lid becomes visible, which can be clearly seen from several meters. EMKA has patented this compression closure. Due to its compact design and high weather resistance the closure can be used in many areas, e.g. wind power plants, tunnel construction, traffic facilities and in (rail) vehicles.


The lid of the new EMKA compression lock is spring-mounted and snaps shut automatically only when closed. If the actuation is turned by 25 degrees or more, the lid remains open at an angle of 90 degrees. A clearly visible opening indicator then appears on the inside of the lid: a red area with the EMKA logo. On trains, for example, railway personnel can see from a distance as soon as a door or flap is not completely closed.

In all areas of application, the product is impressive due to its resistance to shaking and vibration in accordance with DIN EN 61373, thus preventing unintentional opening of the lock. The twist-and-turn lock is made of stainless steel V4A (AISI 316). The lock complies with protection class IP69K and fire protection class DIN EN 45545-2 E30. In addition, the cover ensures a safe, long-lasting function, as the actuation is protected against moisture and dirt. Thus, the EMKA product is corrosion-proof and durable. Should damage occur, however, the cover can be easily replaced.

Product advantages at a glance

•    Opening indicator: it is clearly visible when the locking device is open.
•    From a rotation of approx. 25° of the actuation, the lid remains open at approx. 90°.
•    For a better operation of the actuation, the lid can be opened to 180°.
•    The cover is screwed on, it is vibration-proof and can be replaced if damaged.
•    Vibration-proof and shock-proof according to DIN EN 61373.
•    Protection class IP 69K: water and dust cannot permeate.
•    V4A stainless steel twist-lock fastener with AISI 316: corrosion-resistant.
•    Fire protection class DIN EN 45545-2 E30.