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EMKA’s International Sales Meeting 2023 in Goražde, Bosnia

Every autumn, the sales management of the entire EMKA Group meets for the “International Sales Meeting”. The venue changes annually between the various worldwide EMKA subsidiaries and production sites.

After Italy in 2022, this year’s meeting was held in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 6 to 10 September. First, the meeting took place in Sarajevo, then in Plants 1 and 2 in Goražde, which are approximately 1½ hours away by car. Around 50 EMKA executives participated in the Annual Meeting 2023, including the owner family, all managing directors of the EMKA sales subsidiaries worldwide as well as senior sales staff, field representatives, and Chief Engineers from Germany.

The meeting started on September 6 with a “get together” in the capital, Sarajevo. The next morning, a bus took them directly to Goražde to visit Plant 1. On the following day, a guided tour of Plant 2, including the mould-making department, was on the agenda.

The “International Sales Meeting 2023” ended with a full-day sales conference on 9 September. A great closing party directly on the Drina River – with many colleagues from Plant 1 and Plant 2 – successfully rounded o the meeting.

The high quality and delivery capability of EMKA products result from 92 per cent inhouse production. The Goražde production site (except for aluminium die-casting), with 650 employees, significantly contributes to our capability. The picture shows Plant 1 in Goražde – Bosnia Herzegovina.

A complete success: On the first day of the Sales Meeting, EMKA employees from three continents met in front of the administration building of Plant 1 in Goražde. The fullday guided tour went through all the halls in various groups speaking different languages.

32 plastic injection moulding machines with a clamping force of 25 to 500 tonnes supply themselves independently with the necessary plastic granulate using a vacuum suction system. On average, 75 million individual parts are moulded this way per year. The photo shows the plastic injection moulding hall in Plant 1.

Plant 2 in Goražde has been part of the EMKA Group since 2018. The EMKA mould-making department is also located there. Up to 900 moulds can be produced per year on 102 state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Liquid zinc is transported fully automatically by a cableway from a remelting plant to the crucibles of the 20 automatic zinc die-casting machines. With a clamping force of 20 to 200 tonnes, these machines produce about 45 million high-quality zinc die-cast parts per year.

After up to 30 operations, the individual parts of a mould are assembled into a functional injection mould or die-cast mould. Then, they are prepared for the first ZERO series on a factory-owned production machine. Each mould is delivered to the customer with a production certificate.

The tour of plant 1 led past the powder coating line. For corrosion protection and for a high-quality appearance, 8 million EMKA individual parts are coated here annually with powder coating. Subsequently, the parts are baked at 160°C to 180°C and thus receive an 0,08–0,12 mm thick protective coating.

In the assembly department, assemblies are pre-assembled at ergonomic designed workstations, and  final products are assembled and packed for shipping. At present, 50 employees work here.