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EMKA‘s flat swinghandle soon also in small version

EMKA has brought a creative new development onto the market using a flat swinghandle. The secret of this solution: In addition to the very flat design, the closing mechanism can be exchanged in a few steps using exchangeable modules. On the one hand, the new handle increases flexibility for the customer. On the other hand, it increases the safety level in other areas. Due to the strong demand, EMKA is now expanding its portfolio to include a small version for which the same ­interchangeable modules can be used.

Two swinghandles, several locking devices as interchangeable modules

In particular, high-quality locking technology is usually installed in hazardous areas, but the handles often protrude too far from the door’s surface. EMKA’s flat swinghandle protrudes only 9 mm from the cabinet’s surface and is ideal for areas with narrow passageways, escape routes, or design-oriented enclosures. But in addition to safety and design, EMKA has also considered installation convenience and made it possible to replace the respective locking device from the front of the cabinet – without time-consuming disassembly of the entire handle – but simply through the removal of the two bottom screws.

This simple module change makes the handle flexible for different security levels. Thus, the swinghandle can be used in all areas where different safety requirements prevail, among others in railway vehicles, in control cabinet design, electric charging columns, and machine and plant construction. The handle can also be combined as a single-point latch with a simple cam and actuation for less demanding safety requirements.

The design-oriented handle offers many advantages over conventional swinghandles: It is installed outside the gasket and is no longer in the direct danger or fire zone. This feature has the distinct advantage that the requirements for the swinghandle are reduced, and the handle can be made of less expensive materials. In addition, the flat design reduces the risk of people’s garments getting caught on the handles and may causing injury.

Thomas Dettmar, Project Engineer at EMKA, explains: “The design of these systems is not only extremely flat, but it also withstands high torques. This makes it unique in terms of its overall dimensions and strenght. For special safety requirements the handle is ready for DIN and KABA cylinders and for connection to a multipoint locking system via rod control.

In addition, EMKA manufactures the handle using high-quality zinc die-cast. The handle has already passed the shock and vibration test according to DIN 61373. It also complies with protection class IPX6 (protection against strong jets of water and temporary flooding).

A small version with an exchangeable module directly under the handle

Probably in the 4th quarter of 2021, at the latest in the 1st quarter of 2022, the EMKA swinghandle family will be expanded further. The small version of the flat-mounted swinghandle is about half the size, but the same interchangeable components can still be used. EMKA plans to offer the small handle in two variants: a 90-degree opening with cam and a 180-degree variant with a rotating clamping function.

For the variant with a 90-degree opening, the combination with rod control for multi-point locking is also possible. EMKA offers this version with a compression latch with a uniquely small installation space compared to the competition and a high level of locking security, owing to DIN and KABA cylinders. The small, flat swinghandle is attractive for many potential applications, ­including electric charging columns.

Product description/product advantages

  • extremely flat design
  • easy to change modules (locking centre ­inserts) to the front
  • Modules for profile half-cylinders, KABA and round cylinders and inserts
  • Suitable for standard cut outs
  • Pre-assembled swinghandle and dish
  • Permanent magnet holds the cylinder cover in place
  • Integrated scratch protection prevents surface damage (handle/dish)
  • Swinghandle, components and adapter for cam made of zinc die
  • Successfully tested over 10,000 cycles ­(approx. Load 10 N)
  • Meets protection class IPX6
  • Patent pending
  • Program 2225