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EMKA’s athletes are back in the limelight!

A spectacular sight: Eight parachutists, the Germany Eight, in free-fall high above the Southern German landscape, virtually at eye level with the clouds. Here, three members of the FSC Remscheid, which is supported by EMKA, practice the free-fall formation with the German National Team.

Fortunately, the football club Westfalia Herne was able to avert such a “free-fall” the COVID-19 pandemic could have caused.

The “Oberliga” football team can continue to rely on EMKA as its main sponsor in the future. And in Velbert as well, EMKA proves that football still has a high value in sports sponsoring – no virus will change that.


News from the world of sponsoring

What looks so easy and weightless here is the result of consistent high-performance training. After the jump from an altitude of 4,000 meters, the skydivers have 50 seconds to complete an average of 16 to 22 prescribed formations – the more formations completed, the higher the score. Even though the FSC Remscheid had to pause for about three months during the COVID-19 crisis and could only resume training in mid-June. The club’s overall goal is the German Championship in the Accuracy Landing event in September – the next big highlight after the World Championships in Russia were postponed to next year, and the German Skydiving Championships in Saarlouis were cancelled entirely. Not only as a participant but also as an organiser, the FSC Remscheid has made this year’s German Accuracy Landing Championships its priority. After the city of Uslar, the original venue, withdrew in early June, FSC President Klaus Mathies quickly looked for an alternative. And he was successful:
From 11 to 13 September the German Championship will take place in Bodenfelde on the Weser, Germany – of course also with strong support by EMKA.

EMKA stays on board with Westfalia Herne

EMKA is the main sponsor of since the 2018/2019 season. It must, therefore, have been a relief for SCW fans to read the Reviersport announcement online in early June: “Soccer Oberliga Club Westfalia Herne can rely on its main sponsor even during the COVID-19 crisis. The entrepreneur Friedhelm Runge extended his sponsorship with the traditional club.” The SCW breathed a sigh of relief, after all, it is the amateur clubs in particular that are struggling with the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, Herne coach Christian Knappmann commented: “I am very grateful to be able to look into the future together with EMKA Beschlagteile. I have maintained a close and friendly relationship with owner Friedhelm Runge since my time with Wuppertaler SV, and I am convinced that we will be even more successful together in the future”. This is also confirmed by Friedhelm Runge, who praises: “Westfalia Herne is a traditional club and valuable for football and society. Knappi and I have a friendly relationship.” With EMKA support behind them, nothing stands in the way of the ambitious goal for the coming season: According to Knappmann, the club’s goal is to advance to the regional league.

The new stadium in Velbert

The EMKA’s “home stadium” in Velbert is taking shape. Despite COVID-19, the construction work can be completed as planned in the summer of this year. From the 2020/2021 season on, about 3,000 spectators will be able to follow the action on the freshly laid turf – 800 of these visitors will enjoy the covered seats. An additional 2,000 or so standing places are located on a second grandstand. In further construction stages, the capacity could even be increased to 5,000 to theoretically 10,000 spectators. The new facility also includes additional functional buildings with fitness rooms and saunas as well as generously designed recreation and training areas. There will also be a small and large playing field with artificial turf. Around the stadium, there are generously designed parking areas. The new Velbert “showcase” will of course also display the EMKA logo – among other things on several display boards.