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EMKA Sponsoring

EMKA is once again keeping up with its local social commitment and giving to many charities and associations this year. Working with the German Caritas Association, Wuppertal, we feel strongly about spreading hope and solidarity on the National Day of Children‘s Hospice Work. At the same time, we look forward to sporting successes and highlight events this year with the FSC Remscheid e.V. and TSG.

Using team spirit to reach a common goal: EMKA promotes sports and social awareness of important issues

EMKA has a soft spot for football clubs from the region, including TSG Sprockhövel from the Oberliga Westphalia. The team from the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia has been competing in the top division for several years now. The TSG focuses, in particular, on youth development. This benefits not only the club as a whole but also the players. A selection of promising talents from the club‘s youth academy has already presented themselves to more accomplished clubs.

Examples are Nazzareno Ciccarelli (today Rot-Weiß Erfurt) and Dilhan Demir (today SC Paderborn). EMKA is particularly elated to sponsor TSG Sprockhövel considering their impressive and successful performance.

Practice makes perfect

In 2023, there will be another German championship in Accuracy landing. This time, the EMKA-sponsored parachute club FSC Remscheid will be the organiser. In September, Germany‘s top athletes will meet in Plate near Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany). But the preparations have been going on for months. The FSC is particularly pleased with the participation of Bundeswehr‘s Sports Promotion Group. Besides a head coach, an assistant coach, and a leader accompanied by his deputy, this team comprises 18 elite athletes – a necessary component of the world‘s top competitors.

With 40 world championship titles in the last ten years, the team can look back on many successes. In addition, distinguished guest Stefan Wiesner, a German, European, and World Champion in Accuracy landing, will be in attendance. EMKA and the host parachute club Remscheid e.V. are delighted about this commitment. The German championship will be a milestone in the 50-year history of the FSC Remscheid because of the top-class guests.

Commitment to children‘s hospice work

Our support for the Caritas Association Wuppertal is also about an extraordinary team. On February 10 2023, we expressed our shared support for Children‘s Hospice work and the families of those children who suffer from serious illnesses. For 16 years, the green ribbons have symbolised hope and solidarity on this special nationwide day. This is to bring the topics of death and to die into the public eye.

These subjects are still taboo for many, but not for EMKA. Mrs Marita Runge‘s invaluable efforts as Caritas ambassador and patron of the campaign alongside the EMKA staff have enabled us to create an awareness of the priceless work performed in children‘s hospices, and we consider the team‘s backing of this endeavour to be a natural expression of the help that each of us can give.