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EMKA provides special EPDM solution for Bombardier

The City of Hamburg will receive 60 new commuter trains of Bombardier series 490 with EMKA technology aboard in the next three years. The base plates of the trains are specially equipped with a flameproof EPDM gasket developed by EMKA. The custom-built solution meets the new fire regulation DIN EN 45545. With a foaming power up to 22 times of its original extent it protects the passenger compartment in case of smoke emission.
EMKA’s business unit transport has offered special EPDM-gasketing mixtures for the railway supply industry for quite some time now. Compared to regular silicone gaskets the cost savings amount to more than 60 percent. In close collaboration with Bombardier and Promat’s fire protection experts EMKA continues to find intelligent solutions for fire and smoke protection. Therefore, EMKA integrated a supplementary hot gas gasketing PROMASEAL-LX into its EPDM profile. At temperatures of about 190°C it expands up to 22 times of its original extent. In this system the gasketing comply with the new fire regulation DIN EN 45545-2 and additionally satisfies the requested smoke density.