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EMKA presents: Deutschland Cup of the Skydiving Elite

EMKA Skydiver at Deutschland-Cup 2019

EMKA Skydiver at Deutschland-Cup 2019: Blue Skies!

On the weekend Sept. 6-8, 2019 the world's best skydivers will jump out of their helicopters in Uslar in Lower Saxony as part of the German Cup - supported by EMKA. In particular, the special audience appeal of the accuracy jumps will once again bring numerous sports enthusiasts to the landing zones. This discipline is particularly attractive for spectators, because the skydivers land every minute directly in front of the audience area and on a finish spot that is only as big as a few square centimetres.

Klaus Mathies, Chairman of the FSC Remscheid and organizer of the Deutschland Cup, is delighted that the Pekermarkt Festival, which is well known in the region, is taking place at the same time. Thus both events profit from each other and the attractiveness of parachuting can inspire even more people, emphasizes the president of the FSC. Even tandem jumps for interested laymen are offered and can be reserved at the FSC website

At the invitation of EMKA, the national team of Bosnia-Herzegovina will also be able to take part in the German Cup for the first time this year. Once again EMKA shows its deep solidarity with this country and its people. In Gorazde, EMKA has been successfully running a production site for years and relies on the EMKA employees there.

EMKA wishes all jumpers a successful tournament and all spectators a great parachute experience: Blue Skies!