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EMKA Poland: Exciting customer projects from the railway industry

EMKA is continuously developing its product range to serve the railway industry; thus, the company has become a leader in its field. The solutions are in perfect harmony with the development philosophy of many customers, creating new projects that are reliable and innovative. Two examples of this come from EMKA’s subsidiary in Poland.

More than 30 years, MEDCOM has been supplying solutions for modern public transport systems and power supply systems for industrial plants and the energy sector. MEDCOM is now the only company on the market to offer power electronics using the latest full silicon carbide (SiC) technology, which is gradually replacing silicon-based devices. This technology allows reducing energy losses up to 30% compared to conventional solutions available on the market. Today, almost 300 vehicles produced in Poland and equipped with SiC technology - including Dragon 2 locomotives, Modertrans trams in Poznań, numerous electric buses and Solaris trolleybuses - carry thousands of passengers and goods every day.

MEDCOM solutions are used by all Polish (Newag, Pesa, Solaris, Modertrans) and major foreign vehicle manufacturers, such as Siemens Mobility US, CAF, Hyundai Rotem, Talgo, Durmazlar, Bozankaya. MEDCOM began working together with EMKA in 2006 on the occasion of an important project. The high quality of the locking and sealing systems and EMKAs reliability in extreme conditions were the deciding factors for prolonging the joint activities. Thus, the company’s solutions have become the perfect complement to MEDCOMs equipment and allow them to fully meet the high requirements of domestic and international customers. 

Market challenges in the public transport industry lead to a search for proven suppliers who can meet rigorous tendering procedures. MEDCOM always look beyond standard requirements and seek solutions that will give a boost to more modern transport and increase the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers. In order to achieve this mission, MEDCOM cannot afford any shortcomings. For example, EMKA has become known as one of the suppliers with a broad portfolio of products adapted to the rail market with EN 45545-2 certification. MEDCOM’s R&D department is in constant contact with EMKA Poland at every stage of the project. Thanks to this relationship, company is able to set new directions.

The customer also uses a variety of EMKA products such as vulcanised profiles, special profiles, hinges, and handles.

Solutions for innovative transport systems

Besides MEDCOM, EMKA Poland has another renowned manufacturer as a customer. Modertrans is headquartered in Poznań, with production in Biskupice Wielkopolskie, about 20 km northeast of Poznań. The manufacturer specialises in the development, modernisation, production, and maintenance of trams and buses. Since 2007/2008, Modertrans has become a major player in the Polish tram business. In recent years, the company has expanded its portfolio to include innovative transport vehicles: In 2019, for example, Modertrans delivered 50 Moderus Gamma three-car, low-floor trams to MPK Poznań. Modertrans vehicles are highly regarded and recognised on the Polish market. These vehicles are characterised by their high quality and unique design. Last but not least, Modertrans specialises in the renovation or modernisation of historic trams, including the Carl Weyer tram from 1905.

One of the most innovative projects was the Moderus Gamma tram in 2018, which used various EMKA products, including quarter turn locks for flaps and doors. In addition, Modertrans is currently working on a tram project for the city of Wroclaw, where the tram cars will also be equipped with an emergency hammer designed by EMKA. Although this is not part of EMKA’s core business, the robust hammer is a unique solution developed by the company’s engineers.

Modertrans designers highly appreciate the cooperation with EMKA at every project stage: “EMKA is one of the reliable suppliers in the Polish market, having a wide range of products adapted to the railway industry and certified according to EN 45545-2.”