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EMKA Pacific: Indonesia the new gateway to the ASEAN region

EMKA is growing in the Asian, or more precisely in the South Pacific region. With the acquisition of Selectrix, the company gains a new 6,800 m2 production site under one roof in Bandung, on Java in Indonesia. Classic, high-quality parts are produced on-site: from swinghandles to quarter turns, catch fasteners, T-handles and L-handles and hinges. In addition, EMKA supplements the product range with specialities from European production, including moulds from Bosnia and gaskets from Spain. The aim is to offer a well-positioned basic range in Indonesia for customers in the ASEAN region.

Acquisition of Selectrix Industries – New production site on Java

In 2004 Selectrix Industries started as a small production company in Indonesia. The company developed rapidly and today is mainly known for industrial locks, latches and hinges. In the future, EMKA and Selectrix will perfectly combine their expertise in these systems.

From now on, EMKA Pacific will manufacture high-quality locking technology as “local content“ on its 6,800 m2 production site. In addition, EMKA enriches the stock with a streamlined range of gaskets from the plant in Spain – one of EMKA’s top sellers, which will thus also supply the Indonesian market. In addition, EMKA, as one of the largest mould makers in Europe, also supplies the moulds for the production of the machine parts.

Indonesia is the largest country in the ASEAN free trade zone. Therefore, EMKA also uses Bandung as a sales location. There are exciting considerations to expand it as a sales bridgehead for ASEAN to connect the sales agencies in the individual countries of the region from there and support them with “advice, action and goods”.


ASEAN as a central hub in Asia

ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It is an international organisation of Southeast Asian states with its headquarters in Jakarta/Indonesia.

The free trade zone was founded in 1967 by Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, aiming at the region’s economic recovery and political stability.

Today, ASEAN comprises ten member states with a population of more than 600 million, around 8% of the world’s population. Its area is approximately 4.5 million km².

This makes ASEAN’s size similar to that of the EU. Indonesia is attractive for EMKA as a production and sales location to further underline the company’s credo of being as close as possible to the customer. Because of the acquisition of ­Selectrix, new possibilities open up for optimising the flow of goods in the rapidly developing ASEAN region, which can become the central hub in Asia for EMKA alongside the production sites in India and the sales branch in China. Because at the new location in Bandung, EMKA now has an additional large warehouse and professional logistics units.