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EMKA opens WP Kemper the door for perfect bakery products

Whether a single kneading machine for the small bakery or a complete dough line for the large-scale operation: WP Kemper GmbH supplies installations for making and processing dough from one source that are tailor-made for their customers. After all, the customer requirements are as multifaceted as the range of a wellstocked bread roll counter. It is this flexibility that WP Kemper also expects from its suppliers of single machine parts. For many years, WP Kemper has relied on the expertise of EMKA for all machines with doors and locks.

Hinges, locks & co. for automatic dough processing

The German bakery sector is renowned for its variety, whether it is the rich whole-grain bread or the sugar-coated soft curd balls, the crispy crust rolls or the classic kaiser roll. And as diversified the products in the baking industry are, as varied are the requirements for the installations. They are to portion, knead and roll the dough. This quality makes demands on the small village bakery as well as on the regional branch bakery and the large-scale operation. Space-saving kneader in one case, the dough line in another case: WP Kemper from Rietberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany supplies the right solution for any customer requirement. The long-established company from Rietberg in North Rhine-Westphalia is a renowned supplier for machines for making and processing dough. In the field frying WP Kemper is even market leader. Besides the development and the making of the machines, the company also supports its customers regarding the planning of industrial biscuit systems. 

Climate for dough processing has to be absolutely exact.

The installations and machines are individually adjusted by WP Kemper to the bakery where they are to be used. This requires a high flexibility also for the single installation components regarding quality and installation. Every custom-made proofer, for example, requires an individually adjusted door - which additionally has to meet the high requirements for hygiene and tightness. To fulfil these standards, WP Kemper found it’s partner in EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH from Velbert, that furthermore surprised with an offer for a complete solution for doors. 

For a dough ball to develop into a perfect bakery product, the climate is decisive. A bakery product covers a distance of up to 100 meters during proofing. During the different phases of dough processing temperature and air humidity have to be absolutely exact. For example in the proofer: This is typically 2 times 5 meters on average and 12 meters long, an end proofing cabinet can even be 20 meters long. To maintain the climate necessary for the respective bakery product, transitions and doors need to be 100 per cent tight. EMKA has already convinced WP Kemper with its standard locks. In the light of the different customer requirements and applications of the machines - from the small branch bakery to the large-scale operation - the bakery machine specialist was looking for solutions for the long term which go beyond the standard. And on its way towards this goal, EMKA - in fact basically an expert for locks, hinges and gaskets - has become attractive as a supplier of complete doors for WP Kemper.