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EMKA is doubling production capacities for gaskets

EMKA gaskets

EMKA gasket of EPDM with sealing area of foamed rubber (front) and clamping area of soft rubber with metal core (back)

The EMKA group is pushing the development in its business division Gasketing. Due to the high demand, the world market leader for locking systems for switch cabinets is doubling its production capacities. The rubber plant in Arnedo, in the region La Rioja, Spain, in particular, is going to supply significantly bigger quantities in 2018.

"Made in Europe", this is the manufacturing strategy of EMKA. Since 1989, the company has been expanding its production sites in other European countries. Today, EMKA produces in Germany, France, England, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia and Spain. In Spain, EMKA took over the rubber plant Sealing Systems in Arnedo in 2010 and significantly extended its product line “extruded gaskets” again. On a shop floor of 7,500 m², EMKA has been manufacturing carrier sections as well as hollow extrusion profiles and lip seals since then. This production area is going to be doubled in 2018.

EMKA supplies gaskets of silicone and the synthetic ethylene propylene rubber EPDM. Depending on the requirements and the area of application, the suitable material has to be selected so that the sealing system works in practice. For switch cabinets, EMKA mainly uses EPDM for soft and foamed rubber gaskets. EMKA also offers a combination of soft and foamed rubber as a hybrid solution (see picture).