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EMKA investment casting in Serbia

In Mionica in Serbia, everything revolves around stainless steel and investment casting. One focus is on the surface treatment of steels.

With the Mionica site in Serbia, EMKA brought stainless steel production from China back to Europe in 2015 to manufacture investment castings for its own range.

Before its integration into the EMKA Group, the investment casting plant still belonged to the Cimos Group, which had previously produced components for the automotive industry for over 35 years. In addition to all the plant’s equipment, EMKA also took over the 125 employees.

Since then, the site has been expanded with additional investments in plant technology.

Today, 187 employees work at the site. On the 64,000 m² production site (10,500 m² of which is indoors), know-how in mechanical processing and surface treatment of steel and stainless steel is being successively developed as well as casting technology.

Among other things, expertise in grinding processes and electrochemical (galvanic) finishing has been expanded in recent years.

The different types of steels used are cast at temperatures up to 1,650°C and further refined in subsequent processes, for example, using thermal treatment (annealing/hardening/tempering).

The site’s product portfolio comprises over 400 different articles for EMKA’s own products, but also for external direct customers.

In total, the plant processes over 400 tons of steel annually into approximately 4,000,000 individual parts.

From the blank to the finished part

Because of the production-specific characteristics of stainless steel, a team of experts prepares each component according to the technical parameters. This is done in close consultation with the respective customer. EMKA supplies all its sales locations worldwide with the products produced in this way from Serbia. Because of the geographical proximity, direct transport routes to the sister companies in Goražde (Bosnia and Herzegovina). With this principle, EMKA further increases its already strong delivery performance.

Due to the total in-house production, EMKA is not dependent on suppliers and third-party providers and can define its own requirements. This means comprehensive flexibility and control over the own quality claim in the European area.