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EMKA ignites digital fireworks

Everything fresh, everything digital, everything for the customer! From now on EMKA is making a large number of new catalogues available for download at – and in no less than twelve languages! For example, the “EMKA Catalogue Supplement 2020/2021” with 66 new products! But not only that: EMKA has created a separate catalogue especially for the field of sealing technology, which explains the EMKA world of profiles, variations of finishing (refinements) and frames or rings (finishing) and provides the reader with instructive background information. And the new main catalogue 2020/2021 is already available online in German and English – filled with 668 pages of pure EMKA power.


From the main catalogue 2020/2021 to industry solutions for motorhomes, buses, and trailers, air conditioning technology, rail transport and the exclusive catalogue for electronic locking systems: With the online provision of its current catalogues for a wide range of applications and industries, EMKA is igniting an unprecedented digital firework display. At customers can thus access a wealth of catalogues, brochures, product sheets and flyers – all of them up-to-date, digitally prepared, and translated into up to 12 languages. The translation into all languages is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and database-supported in EMKA’s own department.

The complete EMKA “Catalogue Universe” comprises the main catalogue, five exclusive catalogues and the “EMKA Catalogue Supplement 2020/2021” – formerly also referred to as “EMKA Echo” – which is popular with our customers. This supplement alone comprises 56 pages and shows 66 new products or product variants. This supplementary catalogue is also available as hardcopy in 12 languages and can be downloaded. The latest products shown in it include the new Agent E Wireless, lever handles for narrow canting spaces, the flat swivel handle, another new swivel handle with push button, the new cost-effective hybrid twist-clamp lock and various new types of hinges.

“Sealing technology made to measure”: On 108 pages the sealing compendium, created for the first time, explains the entire range of EMKA’s services in the fields of profiles, frames and finishing. The first edition with hundreds of profiles, refinement steps and explanations of the vulcanisation of frames and rings underlines once more why EMKA is one of the pioneers on the market in the field of sealing technology. EMKA produces more than 1,500 gaskets and rubber profiles made of different materials as catalogue standard as well as numerous customised solutions after detailed consultation with the in-house sealing experts. In the new catalogue EMKA lists and explains all products from the fields of industrial profiles, profiles made of fire protection material, profiles according to VDI guidelines, and profiles for the food industry. Bright pictures and graphics provide an insight into the entire sealing cosmos. Valuable background information also explains what is important when producing and selecting the right material and which material properties need to be considered.

The “EMKA Bible” – available digital and in eleven languages

Last but not least, the 668-page main catalogue 2020/2021, affectionately called the “EMKA Bible” by experts, is now available for download. The pioneer versions were once again German and English, but in the meantime, the basic work is also available in 9 other languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Chinese, Korean, and Russian). The main work gives a compact overview of the EMKA hardware and sealing world: Electronic locking solutions, configurable locking systems (modular construction system), quarter turns, hinges, handles, seals, and special products. In total, the new main catalogue comprises more than 5,000 products, which allow millions of variants due to the numerous combination options among each other. The printed work, which weighs in at 2.4 kg, is divided into 13 sections and each product contained therein is explained in detail. Registered website users can, of course, download the CAD data of all EMKA products shown in a password-protected area.