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EMKA helps worlwide - Whether it's people or animals

In the second half of the year, EMKA was once again involved in a variety of social projects and once again helped around the globe: new outfits for young up-and-coming athletes from the Wuppertal West Sports Club, a successful Oktoberfest for children and their families from the Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst “Bergisch Land” in Wuppertal, news from the animal shelter in Bosnia-Herzegovina and secured groundwater for a small community in Ghana.

Full power in new kits

EMKA has a long history of supporting local sports – including tennis. Most recently, the Eisenbahner Sportverein Wuppertal West benefited from this involvement. For example, the Bambinis of the Eisenbahner Sportverein Wuppertal West will wear an entirely new outfit next season. Besides the club colours, green and white, the EMKA logo will also adorn the new jerseys and shorts.

From the street into a comfy cradle

Not only does EMKA bring its full support to sports clubs and their members, but we also care for our four-legged friends. As is well known, we operate worldwide, including in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Unfortunately, street dogs characterise the image of many cities in Bosnia. In Goražde, too, there were always a few strays that stood out in a wretched condition. Marita Runge, the wife of our owner Friedhelm Runge, therefore made it her work to set up a rescue centre for puppies and young dogs. Since 2019, many volunteers, professional animal caretakers, and veterinarians have been working tirelessly to catch the dogs, take care of them, neuter or sterilise and identify them. Therefore, these custodians built a cosy shelter for the animals, including a veterinary clinic, on a property stretching more than 3,500 m². Subsequently, these animals are adopted and placed in loving homes all over Europe. As of today, we found a loving home for more than 500 dogs. Currently, two hundred sixty-five furry noses are in our care, waiting for a comfy cradle.


O’zapft is (it is tapped)…

…was also the motto at our Oktoberfest for the children and families of the Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst “Bergisch Land” in Wuppertal. The sun was shining brightly, for the most part, and around 100 visitors could enjoy pretzels and white sausage, go on carousel rides, horse around with the children’s clown and have a carefree time on our premises in Wuppertal. When these events take place, our volunteers and we want to bring the children – some of whom are seriously ill – and their families a few moments to forget their demanding everyday lives.

Ghana: EMKA helps in the supply of drinking water

Fresh water is essential for health, quality of life and security of supply. The need for access to safe and clean water, especially in rural Ghana, made us decide to help again. For example, EMKA supported the construction of a well in the community of Vodzakpo in the Volta Region of Ghana. As a result, about 500 people in this community now have access to clean natural groundwater.

The wells were built by the YOU Foundation, an initiative of UNESCO Special Ambassador Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven. The foundation is committed to educating and helping children in need worldwide. What is particularly close to our hearts in this project: because of the secured water supply, children can now attend school regularly and on time and participate effectively in school activities, as they no longer have to walk for hours to fetch water.