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EMKA Group expands production range and product portfolio

Further expanding its own production range in a targeted manner - with this strategy, the EMKA Group has taken over GSB Aluminium GmbH from Wuppertal. With the now acquired production process of aluminium manufacturing, EMKA rounds off its prodcution spectrum trading under the name EMKA Aluminium GmbH. The new lightweight products are intended to serve customers from the automotive industry, among others. In cooperation with EMKA's mould making in Bosnia, customer-specific special solutions are also manufactured.

GSB Aluminium becomes part of the EMKA GROUP

With around 80 employees, EMKA Aluminium GmbH continues to be an established player in aluminium production under its new name. The processes used at the Wuppertal site are aluminium die casting, aluminium forging and aluminium friction welding.

The aim is to manufacture aluminium products of excellent quality for customers worldwide and, if necessary, to help develop them in advance as a development partner.

With this manufacturing strategy, the EMKA Group has further expanded the scope of its production capabilities. The previous management continues to run the business under the new name EMKA Aluminium as part of the EMKA Group.

New products made of various aluminum alloys

With the integration of GSB as EMKA Aluminium and in addition to products made of steel and zinc EMKA is expanding its manufacturing range with products made of various aluminum alloys and includes them in the metal portfolio. 

The world market leader for locks, latches, hinges and seals is thus also breaking new ground in the range of its catalogue items in the fittings sector, e.g. with new aluminium hinges, aluminium quarter turn housings and aluminium connection components for HVACR technology.

Particularly attractive low weight products

The new components weigh hardly more than plastic and are of course stainless.

The low weight makes the products particularly attractive for mobile lightweight construction, for example in the transport and automotive sectors. Last but not least, aluminium components are cheaper than products made of stainless steel.

The variety of production processes such as rotary friction welding, PUR sealing foam technology and surface finishing enable GSB and EMKA to realise even complex requirements.

Close connection with EMKA mould making

In addition to supplementing its product portfolio in the area of fittings, EMKA is also expanding its options in the area of customised special solutions with the acquisition of GSB.

The customer benefits from another successful branch of the EMKA Group: mould making. After all, EMKA is one of the largest mould makers in Europe.

The moulds for aluminium die casting are manufactured in one of the two production plants in Goražde, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Whether zinc die casting, aluminium die casting, stainless steel precision casting or plastic injection moulding: the wide range of machinery enables, on the one hand, the prodcution of own products for the EMKA catalogue program; on the other hand, EMKA sees itself as a bilateral development partner and contract manufacturer for its customers. EMKA is able to produce moulds, prototypes, initial samples and pilot series for all the materials mentioned - and subsequently, as a contract manufacturer, also to produce large series, up to and including complex assemblies with assembly.