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EMKA expands production in India

We maintain a steadfast commitment to India – in response to the rising demand for its locking solutions in India, EMKA has made substantial investments in new facilities at its Bhilai site in eastern central India. As a system supplier, EMKA possesses distinct advantages over its competitors and experienced a 48% increase in turnover last year. Further investments are also planned for the future.

India is becoming increasingly important for German companies. The nation is regarded as a promising growth market, primarily due to its youthful demographic and swiftly advancing infrastructure. Other advantages include political stability and relatively low labour costs. India‘s gross domestic product exceeds 3 trillion US dollars. As a result, the nation has positioned itself among the top five global economies, boasting consistent economic growth exceeding 6%. Thus, it is not surprising that EMKA is continuing to increase its commitment in India.

Short delivery times and a strong customer focus

Since 2005, EMKA India, our sales company in Bangalore, has been established as the global market leader for locking solutions, hinges, and seals. A state-of-the-art production plant spanning 15,000 m² was constructed in Bhilai four years ago, located 1,300 kilometres away. “The COVID-19 pandemic made our start more difficult, but sales have been rising sharply since 2022 because the demand is enormous”, says Mohammad Ali Reihani, Director of Sales Asia at EMKA. “We have invested in new machinery and are now able to manufacture products ourselves rather than having them delivered from Germany”. EMKA India thus ensures short supply chains and supplies Indian customers faster than before. After receiving the orders, sea freight transportation alone took six to ten weeks; now, EMKA‘s standard products can be delivered within 24 hours. The strategically favourable location ensures optimal scheduling. “Our sales department is active throughout the country and works closely with the site in Bhilai”, emphasises Reihani. “Customers benefit from a nationwide network and fast processing of their orders”. The country is booming, and the infrastructure is being continuously expanded. Thanks to its extensive portfolio, EMKA offers solutions for many industries. To meet the growing demand, investments have been made in additional zinc die-casting machines, punching machines, and assembly equipment.

“EMKA distinguishes itself as a system supplier and offers not only locking solutions but also matching hinges and seals from its production and with high quality”, says Reihani. “All components are perfectly matched to each other. We also offer comprehensive advice and project support. Our customers appreciate that”. The sales manager is optimistic about the future and expects continuous growth. While the focus is currently still on India, the entire Asian market is to be served more from Bhilai in the future.