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EMKA expands its research laboratory

With extensive examinations and long-term analysis EMKA controls the stability and durability of its products. With a six-figure sum investment EMKA expands and modernizes the test capabilities in Wuppertal with a new climatic exposure test cabinet, a spectrometer, an X-ray installation and a state-of-the-art 3D-printer.
The new climatic exposure test cabinet is able to simulate almost every climatic condition with temperatures ranging from -40 °C up to +180 °C and a relative humidity of the air from 10 to 98 percent. For a deeper analysis of its solid products EMKA has purchased a new spectrometer to examine the quality of metals and metal alloys. Additionally, an ultra-modern 3D-printer replaces its 12 years old predecessor and enables EMKA to print models even made of softer materials like rubber gasketings. EMKA’s new X-ray installation detects even invisible irregularities and continues to strengthen the business confidence in EMKA’s highly trustworthy products.