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EMKA Benelux - 45 years close to the customer

For almost 45 years, EMKA Benelux has been the authority on everything to do with hardware parts, seals and much more in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Last year, the subsidiary based in Veghel, the Netherlands, had several milestones to celebrate: The re-opening of the renovated building, the 25th anniversary of sales representative Frans Schilder, and 20 per cent growth in the last three years. The secret to success? A family team and service to its local customers.

“Young mindset and many years of know-how“.

Ramon Philippo, Managing Director of EMKA Benelux, notes one thing fundamentally: “The Netherlands and Belgium are not large countries. That’s why we don’t sell in vast quantities like our big neighbours Germany and France – but we sell EMKA parts our way. People prefer to do their business with us“. This means that the key to close customer ties comes from local sales and a common mentality. Ramon Philippo provides the explanation right after that: “The global philosophy of our shareholder Friedhelm Runge is ‘Do business locally‘. We have implemented this at the micro-level with our sales team by speaking our customers’ regional language. Because it is not the price that is most important to them, but rather good quality advice.” Therefore, the EMKA Benelux team has divided its territories into regions where a sales representative with local knowledge forms a team with a colleague in the office.

“It is the people who do the business.“

The EMKA Benelux team consists of 19 employees. “We have a family atmosphere and a flat hierarchy“, says Philippo. “The interaction of senior and more junior colleagues means that the combination of many years of know-how and a young mindset dominates the daily work at our company“. Maintaining this attitude implies the branch is also becoming more modern in its appearance.

In the past five years, in particular, EMKA Benelux has invested a lot in personnel and equipment. The warehouse was rebuilt in order to create space for an additional 180 pallets. The furniture and IT landscape in the offices have also been modernised. With the final renovation of the exterior façade, the grand re-opening was celebrated in September 2020. At the same time, a particularly deserving colleague was honoured: sales employee Frans Schilder has been working for EMKA Benelux for 25 years and will continue to enrich the team with his expertise in the future.

A wealth of know-how in telecommunications

So much has changed over time at EMKA Benelux, one of the first EMKA branches outside Germany. However, what has not changed, is in the vision: “We ensure smooth opening and closing of the locking technology and supply everything – except the door“. The team’s expertise is evident in numerous projects that reflect the Netherlands‘ strengths in telecommunications.

In contrast to Germany, the basis is a nationwide Internet. Since the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, the internet‘s performance has become even more critical when people are forced to work from home. Accordingly, EMKA Benelux stands especially for reacting quickly to digital trends and technological progress. The top projects of the past years show the evidence. Here, primarily unique solutions from the electronic sector were used.

Top projects with customised electronic solutions

Take, for example, the cooperation with the Dutch company Tecnolimit: EMKA’s locking solutions secure telecommunications enclosures that are dotted all over the Netherlands along the roadside. There are about 500 cabinets with approximately 1,500 classic swivel handles, which have been electronically enhanced, ensuring the cabinet can only be opened using an ID card.

Several data centres – including those of one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, government buildings, and various hospitals – have been equipped with Rack Management Agent-E by EMKA Benelux. This is a wireless handle with a memory function, which can only be accessed with an RFID transponder card. Besides, EMKA Benelux has renewed all rubbish bins in the city of Rotterdam with a locking system and aluminium valve from EMKA. Throughout Belgium, the management system of the motorways is secured by electronic swing levers made by EMKA.

“Electronics and seals are the most frequently requested solutions in our company. Locks or hinges can do many things, but electronic closures cannot. That’s why we make the decisive difference in advising our customers“, says Philippo. His future goals are to further expand the market leadership in the Benelux countries, continue developing complete solutions, and intensify the personal relationship with the customers. Because for the customers, EMKA Benelux acts as both consultant and warehouse—high availability and just-in-time delivery included.