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EMKA at the Ironman in Hawaii

Triathlete Sabine Lischka

Triathlete Sabine Lischka

Triathlete Sabine Lischka successfully fought her way through the island's heat at the Ironman in Hawaii on October 12, 2019 and reached the finish line 59 minutes after 10 hours. For the athlete, who has been supported by EMKA for years, this means: A place among the top-20 in the hardest triathlon in the world!

The sister of EMKA engineer Thomas Dettmar carried the EMKA logo through the long distance world championship of triathletes over 3.8 km in the turbulent Pacific, 180 km on her bike and over the 42.2 km at the final marathon distance.

"I am happy and proud of my finish in less than 11 hours, a great time, which I was able to achieve despite obstacles in the preparation and difficult circumstances in the competition," she says directly after the competition into the microphones of the reporters. EMKA congratulates Sabine Lischka on this outstanding performance.

Sabine Lischka will start the new season as a professional triathlete next year. EMKA is looking forward to further top sporting performances.