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EMKA again awarded as world market leader

EMKA continues its impressive success story: this year, WirtschaftsWoche has once again awarded EMKA the title of World Market Leader Champion for the sixth time in a row. This outstanding achievement consolidates EMKA's leading position in the field of latches, hinges and seals for switch and control cabinets in the electronics and electrical engineering industry.

EMKA defends top position

The University of Sankt Gallen has once again confirmed EMKA as world market leader, and this under difficult conditions. The data research, led by Professor Christoph Müller, shows that many companies have dropped out of the world market leader ranking due to economic problems. EMKA, on the other hand, was able to maintain its position by not only meeting the strict criteria for turnover and market segment, but also by demonstrating its global capabilities. With eleven production sites worldwide, high-quality materials and an impressive annual turnover, EMKA is one of the outstanding companies in its sector.

The method behind the success

Recognition as a global market leader is based on a strict method developed by the University of St. Gallen. Christoph Müller and his team set strict criteria, including being the global number one or two in sales in at least one relevant market segment. In addition, the annual turnover of at least 50 million euros must be generated largely (>50%) on three continents. These criteria, together with an annual review, ensure that only companies of the highest quality are awarded the coveted world market leader status. EMKA not only impresses with impressive figures, but also with continuity, global presence and outstanding products.

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