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Dometic and EMKA: This cooperation works well for both partners

High-quality caravanning meets sophisticated locking technology; flexible handling and reliable technology form a single unit. When experts such as Dometic and EMKA meet, extraordinary cooperation is created. And this has already proven to be a real success model in the past with the Dometic 10-series absorption and compressor refrigerators. A model that – in the form of the patented double-door stop –offers end customers convenience and security. Now another concept is being added: an entry-level model with “value door” – upgradeable and easy to use.


Dometic, headquartered in Stockholm and its ­German subsidiary in Siegen/North Rhine-Westphalia, is the global market leader in branded products for life on the move: in the areas of food and drink, air conditioning, energy and control, hygiene and sanitary facilities, and security. The company sells its products in more than 100 countries for use in luxury motor homes, trucks, and cars, on motor yachts and workboats, and a range of other applications. The specialist thus offers optimum supply for all caravan installations.

One of the focal points of the range is refrigerators as one of the essential equipment features in the interior of a motorhome or caravan. And a high-quality refrigerator also needs the appropriate locking technology: to create a safe and practical system, the Dometic branch in Siegen has already worked successfully with EMKA Germany and EMKA Bosnia in the past. Together they have developed a smart locking technology for refrigerators. EMKA’s expert know-how has not only helped to ensure that the solution is resilient and stable in handling, but also that it is economically viable.

Patented solution and comfort

The principle initially developed by Dometic was further optimised in cooperation with EMKA, resulting in a final product suitable for series production. The result: the 10-series refrigerators feature a double door hinge, i.e. a door with two hinge sides. Thanks to this patented solution, it can be opened to the left and right as required without having to change the door hinge. No additional knobs or levers are needed. This is because ergonomic aluminium door handles on both sides extend over the entire height of the refrigerator, allowing the appliance to be opened effortlessly at any height. This direct and intuitive operation offers Dometic customers an enormous gain in terms of convenience. The locking mechanism – or more precisely, a unique two-point locking system – is designed to withstand stress and strain over a long period of time.

Entry model with upgrade potential

Now, however, a door concept for customers at the entrance level was still missing: a design for customers who are looking for a practicable, safe solution, but want to use a simple handling ­method for the time being. Dometic turned to EMKA for this challenge as well. The aim was to develop a door that could be opened “only” to one side, but with a door hinge that could change to the other side within seconds. This so-called Value-Door is also used in the 10-series and thus offers the entry-level version, which the end customer can expand independently. This is quickly done with the help of an upgrade kit that converts the single-­sided door hinge to the double-door hinge. As the name “value” suggests, Dometic thus provides a particular value, enabling users to benefit from the desired opening direction by quickly and easily changing the door latch and providing the basis for expansion.

Thanks to this smart locking solution from EMKA, both the double-door hinged refrigerators and the new Value Door can be used universally in the caravan sector. The two-point locking system ensures a safe and reliable locking method of the refrigerator door.

From assembly to the finished product

EMKA takes over the complete production of the lock hinge and meanwhile supplies various components, such as the hinges, head, and foot rails of the door. When delivered, the single components are already mounted on a strip belonging to the door structure. Thus, EMKA does provide not only the pure locking technology but also a statically and functionally elementary component for the door. Therefore, the Value Door and the double door hinge meet security and reliable design using an intuitive and a comfortable operation. Consequently, the door hinge can be changed in a few seconds, and even the door can be replaced by a version with a double door hinge. This makes the joint solution from Dometic and EMKA unique in design and function.