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Christmas magic in the historic town hall

On 21 December, we celebrated our Christmas party in the historic town hall of Wuppertal with over 400 employees of the EMKA family. In addition to colleagues from all over Germany, we also welcomed a number of guests of honour from various subsidiaries around the world.

The historic atmosphere of the town hall contributed significantly to the festive mood just before the holidays, and the magnificent Christmas decorations rounded off the ambience. A special highlight of the evening was the festive 3-course buffet served by our catering team. The varied selection of delicious dishes delighted the guests. The champagne reception and subsequent dinner were accompanied by live Christmas music from a singer on piano and guitar. There were also oriental musical influences on this evening: For example, an Indian dance was performed in appropriate traditional dress, which mesmerised the guests.

From 10 p.m., a DJ took over the music and part of the hall became a dance floor. Guests were able to treat themselves to a glass or two of beer, wine or gin and tonic at the "Friedhelm Bar".

EMKA wishes everyone happy holidays and a good start to 2024!