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Caravan Salon: “Double Red” gleams with a double upgrade as multiple interlocking system

EMKA will be presenting its expertise in locking systems, hinges, and seals at the Caravan Salon 2023. In Hall 13 at Booth F63, there will be information on the expansion of the “Double Red” 1-hand 2-point lock, a unique locking solution for caravans and motorhomes. On the 60 m2 booth, the world market leader from Velbert, Germany, will also inform the trade fair visitors about its manufacturing expertise in seals and profiles.

Motorhomes, caravans and camper vans 

In recent years, the demand for motorhomes, caravans, and camper vans has increased steadily, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This growth has also stepped up the demand for innovative locking solutions for flaps and doors of the respective vehicles.

As a reliable partner of clients from the caravan industry, EMKA has earned the trust of buyers and designers alike.

Among other things, the trade fair presentation focuses on expanding the 1-hand-2-point closure “Double Red”, a locking solution particularly suited for caravans and motorhomes.

The locking system includes, among other features, two closure points on one handle. This gives the user twice the safety and more comfortable handling when opening and closing cabinets, doors, and flaps. Similar to the classic “Double Red” with a 1-point lock, an opening indicator reliably indicates the current lock status. The multi-point control allows the customer to choose between two different locking systems: “push-to-close”, simply squeeze and close, or “with compression” (compression travel of 6 mm). An emergency release for large flaps, such as garage doors, is also available as an option.

EMKA operates its own production facilities for sealing profiles in countries such as England or Spain. The manufacturer offers all sealing and locking technology services from a single source. EMKA’s vertical range of manufacture is reflected, among other things, in the diverse processing and flexible adaptation options. As a result, the manufacturer offers custom-fit solutions in various designs upon request. The wide production range and clear customer orientation make EMKA a reliable partner for locks and seals – both for the transport industry and other industries, such as railway and HVAC technology.