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CARAVAN SALON 2021: Locking technology for design and technology aficionados

This year’s CARAVAN SALON 2021 in Dusseldorf was once again the big meeting place for the motorhome industry. EMKA is a regular guest at the world’s largest trade fair for caravans and camping. After all, the portfolio of the world market leader is packed with locking technology and hinges for all requirements – from standard caravans to luxury liners. One of the best-known products is the invisible pressure lock ePush Lock, but the EMKA stand also had a lot to show apart from the bestseller.

EMKA is respected throughout the industry for meeting the high design demands of vehicle manufacturers. For example, by integrating the invisible ePush Lock, EMKA has developed a locking technology without a handle and maintaining simple lines. This concept ensures that the caravan’s design is not disturbed by the exterior panelling. By pressing the flap slightly inwards at the intended pressure point, the user moves a stainless steel pin inside the locking mechanism out of a slight depression (zero position), and the flap opens. If the user wants to close the lock again, the same principle applies. The EMKA engineers have also extended the emergency opening system to open the flap, even in small installation spaces. The driver also receives visual feedback (optional, e.g. via LED) whether the flap is completely locked, only closed or still open.

Hinge technology for every need


Even beyond these systems, some eye-catchers were offered at EMKA’s stand. On the rear wall of the booth – a mock-up built to resemble a caravan – EMKA showed practical examples of modern locking technology (quarter turns, lifthandles, swinghandles, escutcheons and electromechanical locking systems) as fittings on motorhomes. According to the motto, “Where a flap is opened or closed, EMKA technology is included”, visitors to the booth could also examine current hinge technology: EMKA showed both visible and non-visible hinges (80 to 180 degrees) for surface-mounted and interior doors. In addition, adjustable pin, spring and torque hinges in a wide variety of materials: from polyamide to zinc die-cast. 

Even though, because of the pandemic, the trade fair did not attract the number of visitors it did in the past, the appearance at the trade show was an important sign that EMKA is still a significant supplier of innovative locking technology for the industry.