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CARAVAN SALON 2020: Exhibition highlight ePush Lock

After the cancellation of almost every important trade fairs in the first half of the year due to the global pandemic, the halls will be allowed to open again starting on 1 September. One of the first major industry events will be the CARAVAN SALON 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The world’s largest trade fair for caravans and camping opens its doors from 4 to 13 September – and EMKA will be there.


Friends of design and technology in the camping industry are heading back to Düsseldorf in September. The CARAVAN SALON is a fixed date in the annual calendar, even in the Corona year 2020. Because unlike many other trade fairs, the “place to be” for the caravan sector only had to be postponed by one week. EMKA has long been an established player in the industry when it comes to meeting the high design demands of vehicle manufacturers. With the invisible ePush Lock EMKA has now succeeded in developing another product ready for series production. A locking technology without a handle and with sleek lines for designers who do not want the design of their caravan to be spoiled by unattractive interfering elements on the vehicle’s exterior.

Functional optimisations make the use of the ePush Lock even more flexible

The system works based on an ingenious mechanism: By pressing the flap at the intended pressure point, the user moves a stainless steel pin within the closing mechanism out of a small recess (zero position), and the flap opens. If the user wants to close the lock again, this is done according to the same principle.

Since the system was first presented at CARAVAN SALON 2017, EMKA has subjected the ePush Lock to numerous optimisations. Among other things, a spring-loaded ejector refines the opening mechanism so that the flap is more comfortable to grasp by hand and thus easier open or close.
The emergency opening system has been ­extended so that the flap can be opened by a Bowden cable even when the installation space is small. Additional mounting holes on the pawl plate recess ensure higher pull-out values. In addition, the ePush Lock is very easy to install using a special installation template and without additional measuring equipment. For the flexible distance between the flap and the exterior wall, customers can now choose between different spacers.

Last but not least, EMKA has also upgraded the electronic system: As an option, the driver can receive visual feedback (e.g. via LED) whether the flap is completely locked or only closed or even still open. This feedback is done based on a light barrier installed inside the system. The light sensor detects whether the locking bolt of the ePush Lock is in the correct position and whether the flap is locked. In addition, a reed contact signals whether the flap is closed. The customer has the choice of operating the ePush Lock with the central locking system or with a conventional switch or button.

la strada flagship with Red Dot Design Award

With the ePush Lock EMKA was also able to convince the responsible persons of the internationally renowned leisure vehicle manufacturer la strada Fahzeugbau GmbH. Their flagship motorhome NOVA now includes the innovative locking technology as standard. When designing the new NOVA series, the la strada developers placed great emphasis on clear lines and flush design. EMKA has met this challenge with the ePush Lock. Thanks to the invisible push lock, no handles can be seen on the vehicle’s exterior. There are no dirt traps, and the system’s high level of impermeability is still ensured. Even splash water gaskets and main seals are not interrupted. In cooperation with EMKA, the new la strada flagship thus sets new standards in terms of exterior design. This also convinced the jury of the renowned Red Dot Design Award, which la strada recently won for the year 2020. “Already at the beginning of our new NOVA project, we contacted our EMKA contact person Clemens Mayer and were convinced by the modern push-to-open locking system. This enabled us to meet our high demands on functionality and design”, summarises Tobias Krüger from la strada Fahrzeugbau GmbH.