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Bekto Precisa becomes EMKA Bekto: EMKA group takes over European mould maker

Bekto Precisa becomes EMKA Bekto

Bekto Precisa becomes EMKA Bekto

With the acquisition of the company Bekto Precisa from Goražde in Bosnia Herzegovina, EMKA has announced another milestone in its company history.

The new company under the umbrella of the EMKA group is going to bear the name EMKA Bekto. The company EMKA Bekto of today primarily makes tools, moulds and injection moulded parts for the car and electrical industry. In the area mould making, the company is even among the world-wide leading manufacturers. EMKA itself has had its moulds for plastic injection moulding and zinc-die casting made there for many years.

With this takeover that what belongs together will grow together. With the takeover, the world-wide workforce of EMKA has increased to approx. 2100 co-workers. This emphasises the ambitions of the EMKA group to expand its international network of sites, part of which are state-of-the-art plants at the location Goražde.

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