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Allied Moulded & EMKA: Partners around the globe

The collaboration between EMKA and the specialist in electrical enclosures, Allied Moulded Products Inc, spans almost twenty years. Allied Moulded has created new standards in building enclosures and associated solutions by breaking industrial barriers. EMKA was excited to be in this journey of progress. Nonetheless, the history of the collaboration commenced much earlier, in the early 2000s in the United States.

A shared spirit of development

Allied Moulded India, is subsidiary of Allied Moulded Products, Inc. started over 65 years ago in the USA and is now one of the biggest company in the world for non-metallic electrical enclosures for homes, businesses, and factories. The portfolio of Allied Moulded, India contains enclosures made of FRP, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium along with enclosure accessories. The solar, railways, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, water, and food sectors employ these. Allied is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions with over 2.1 million installations in more than 40 countries. The Group has been represented on the Indian subcontinent by its subsidiary Allied Moulded since 2010. In the southern Indian state of Karnataka, the company manufactures a wide range of electrical enclosures in an ISO 9001:2015 certified plant.

Sustainable solutions

The further development of its portfolio is of great importance to Allied Moulded India.  Machine-produced, high-temperature-resistant silicone seals have been presented by the company recently. In addition to developing industrial stainless-steel enclosures with exceptionally high vibration protection, Allied Moulded has established itself in the enclosure industry with innovative product launches, such as the E90 enclosures with fire protection, Seismic Zone V and ATEX enclosures. Allied Moulded is the first company to launch SS304L, SS316Ti material enclosure along with vibration finish to bring differentiation in the market. The topic of environmental responsibility is prominent across all product categories. All enclosure series are designed for energy efficiency and recallability.

Reliable closure partner with creativity required

The product assortment of Allied Moulded in India includes various sizes of FRP,  stainless-steel, PC and Aluminium enclosures. In addition to this table closure solution is also required to protect the internal electronics from external influences and unauthorized access. Since these components are not manufactured in-house, the need for an external supplier arose. Allied Moulded places a significant emphasis on conducting research, development, and design experimentation to address its customers‘ business challenges. Additionally, the company is constantly improving its product range and developing new solutions. For this reason, those responsible were searching for a long-term partner with a philosophy of customer proximity and the ambition to constantly raise the joint service range to a new level — and thus came into contact with the EMKA Group.

Everything from a single source: EMKA becomes an exclusive complete supplier

The closure expert from Velbert, Germany, has been collaborating with the parent company from the USA since 2001. The rationale behind the partnership was the significant EPDM self-clamping sealing profiles from EMKA that are UL-listed. These were required to ensure UL certification for the Empire series of wall-mounted enclosures. Since then, Allied Moulded Products, Inc. has procured its gaskets and closures from the renowned global market leader EMKA in Velbert, Germany. With the establishment of Allied Moulded India in 2010, the collaboration between EMKA and Allied was also sustained on the other side of the globe. The result was new and innovative designs for pressure caps, handles, and seals. Like its parent company more than 20 years ago, EMKA collaborated with Allied Moulded, India with its adaptability and flexibility to customer requirements: “The commitment of the EMKA team members to the customer, the consistent quality of EMKA products, and on-time delivery were the decisive elements for making EMKA our partner.”

EMKA has been designated as the exclusive complete supplier for all enclosure accessories, including latches, locking systems, gaskets, and hinges by Allied Moulded. Many EMKA components are used in the Cabinet series in particular. These include compression latches, three-point locking systems, heavy-duty handles, weld-on and screw-on hinges, and self-clamping sealing profiles. The products are already adjusted without any further modifications. All components are plug-and-play products that guarantee seamless integration into the enclosures and housings. The collaboration also focuses on the creation of fresh approaches. One result of the partnership is the EMKA Stainless-steel grade 316 three-point locking system for railway tunnel applications, Research, development, and experimental design are essential for the company to stay ahead of market trends. The partnership with EMKA will result in cost-effective innovations, such as secure locking systems, RFID-based locking systems, and electronic and biometric solutions.

Forecast: Partnership continues to grow in 2024 and thereafter

The partnership between Allied Moulded Enclosure Products and EMKA began in 2010 and has continued to grow. “For over 13 years, we have been able to rely on EMKA‘s willingness to cooperate and delivery reliability here in India,” says Mr Sanjeev Gambhir, CEO of Allied Moulded India summarizing the collaboration to date. Ultimately, the compulsion to consistently enhance their product portfolio and remain one step ahead of the customer creates a common ground for the two companys.

Consequently, the collaboration has persevered through challenging economic times without encountering difficulties: „Despite the pandemic, our collaboration has once again heightened significantly, resulting in significant expansion.“ The current forecasts indicate that the scope of supply for locking solutions will double by 2024.