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Accredited test laboratory 2.0 and a modern EMKA Training Centre now under one roof

More working space, new test procedures and an even larger range of services: a lot has happened at the EMKA test laboratory this year. The “EMKALab” – as it is referred to – has moved into the newly constructed Testing and Training Centre. Now, 600 square meters are available to EMKA’s recently re-accredited Testing Centre. EMKA has integrated a new training centre virtually next door and thus under one roof. A large foyer features the world of EMKA in analogue and digital displays. Several customer exhibits show the wide range of EMKA products.

EMKA Test Laboratory now on larger area and re-accredited

Already in January 2019, the Test Laboratory of the EMKA Technology Centre received its accreditation for the first time. At the beginning of this year, the DAkkS (Germany’s Accreditation Body) carried out another successful test. The accreditation was renewed and changed to the current standard edition of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03. Its scope of application covers a wide range of environmental simulation testing and several test procedures from international regulations for empty enclosures and low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.

Besides meeting the quality management system requirements, this confirms that the EMKA Test Laboratory complies with all technical prerequisites. Its high professional competence allows it to carry out independent tests according to the current standard. Because the DAkkS belongs to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the accreditation also receives international recognition.

Upgrade in terms of procedures and equipment

The company has now moved to another building: an EMKA dispatch hall was completely renovated to accommodate the new Testing Laboratory on 600 square meters. Now, the test engineers have considerably more working space at their disposal, which allows the simultaneous operation of several test stands, and thus increasing the flexibility of testing activities. This allows an even stronger focus on customer applications, i.e. to define product requirements in direct contact with the customer and to test the product hand in hand with the EMKA Design Department.

The aim is to offer a wider range of tests since nowadays the requirements for quality and reliability are constantly increasing. This is achieved by upgrading the laboratory equipment: A new, state-of-the-art salt spray testing facility was integrated into the new premises. A new test procedure from the field of environmental simulation, a vibration test facility, will also be added shortly. This procedure is used to test the resistance of products in the installed state and during transport to prevent shock and vibration stresses. Test parameters for railroad applications can also be examined. Last but not least, the test range of the durability test is also extended.

EMKA to touch

Besides the testing laboratory, a new Training Centre has been constructed in the building. In two rooms – comprising the foyer and training hall with a large screen – both internal and external meetings can take place. These include customer appointments, product demonstrations, presentations and, above all, staff training. The size and layout of the rooms are very flexible and can be rearranged according to requirements.

A showroom is also integrated, where customers’ cabinets with EMKA closure solutions are presented. Employees can look at new and older EMKA solutions there and put them through the acid test, for example, by mounting a swinghandle onto a cabinet themselves. In this way, visitors not only get a close and personal overview of the EMKA product world but can also experience the quality of the products directly on the cabinet. These alternative possibilities should also be very interesting for the customers.

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